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20 unstoppable techniques to increase traffic to your website

To increase the traffic of your website, good positioning in search engines is essential. However, SEO is a long-term job and it often takes several months to reach pole position.

Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple contents is therefore essential to increase the number of visitors to Google tenfold is a good way to regularly attract search engine robots to your site and increase your position in the results.

To help you accelerate the movement, here are 20 techniques to implement right now to grow your traffic.

Google Traffic
Google Traffic

Post regularly on your blog

Google likes regularly updated content.

If it is difficult to regularly change the content of the pages of your website, a blog can be used to publish new articles frequently.

Opting for at least 2 tickets per week can double your traffic very quickly, especially if you also implement idea # 2.

You don’t have the soul of a writer? Find a professional writer on to write your articles.

Target the right keywords

Regularly posting content on your blog improves your SEO overall.

The fact remains that if your articles and pages are poorly optimized, they will hardly stand out in the search results.

SEO is first and foremost about targeting the right keywords: it is often easier to focus on specific and less sought-after expressions (what is called the long-tail).

We advise you to take a look at our 7 techniques for finding long-tail keywords. Once your keywords are found, you just have to use them by creating very good quality content to appeal to search engines.


Facebook is the number 1 social network: it must therefore be at the heart of your social media strategy.

By building a community on this platform and posting quality content regularly, you can be sure to see your fan base take off – and visits to your site at the same time.


Instagram is the social network on which users interact the most with brands: engagement is therefore very high, which makes it a very powerful medium to promote your site.

Unsheathe your smartphone or your camera, choose your hashtags wisely, and above all, be creative!


YouTube is the number 1 video-sharing site and achieves colossal audiences every day.

No wonder companies have found it an ideal playground to gain visibility.

Create videos related to your activity (tutorials, analyzes, etc.) to highlight your expertise and be found by Internet users corresponding to your target.

Learn how to boost your views on YouTube and your site traffic will only get better.

Contact influencers

Influencer marketing is a very effective lever for making yourself known and massively attracting Internet users to your site.

The key is to choose the influencers to contact to set up an effective influencer marketing strategy.

Create webinars

Webinars are another very effective web content when it comes to generating new leads and attracting visitors to your website.

There are many tools to easily create a webinar and share your expertise with your audience.

Refresh old content

Creating new content is essential, but that doesn’t mean your old articles should be forgotten.

Refresh your old content by enriching it, updating it with more recent data, etc.

Create infographics

Infographics are part of the flagship content of social networks: appreciated by Internet users, they have a strong potential for virality (if they deal with a relevant topic with an interesting angle).

And who says virality means a lot of visitors to your site.

Publish your own studies

Creating studies based on exclusive data related to your field of expertise or your industry is another great way to gain visits through content marketing.

Leverage SlideShare

If you had a good idea to create a study app (foodie or an infographic, be sure to boost your content with SlideShare.

The professional presentation sharing platform is an ideal playground to promote creations of this type.

Improve the speed of your site

The speed of a website has two major impacts on the traffic it receives:

  • First, the slower a site is to load, the more visitors tend to leave it immediately.
  • On the other hand, sites that are too slow are penalized by Google and are therefore less well referenced – which affects their traffic.

So be sure to optimize the performance of your site to ensure its speed.

Think about guest-blogging

Opening your blog to other writers (quality, of course!) And posting on other blogs (a quality too!) Allows you to broaden your notoriety and your audience.

The guest editor will distribute the article posted on your site to their community, attracting a new readership.

As for your guest post, it will open your audience to the blogger’s community and allow you to get some backlinks. However, you must take care to respect certain steps to succeed in your guest blogging.

Position share buttons for social networks

If you want to grow your traffic, then encourage people to share your content by adding share buttons on your blog posts. It is recommended that you also put them on your product sheets.

Use the power of emailing

One of the best ways to gain visitors to your site is to use email marketing, one of the most powerful marketing tools. To do this, you have to follow 2 main steps:

  • Collect as many email addresses as possible to build a substantial subscriber list;
  • Set up a successful emailing tactic and let your site traffic explode.

Opt for SEA and SMO

You can boost your SEO with Google Adwords campaigns. You will be on the first page of Google for a while.

Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have advertising networks at attractive prices, allowing you to very precisely target the distribution of your advertisements or your publications.

These two means are effective for developing traffic over a given period provided you master the tools.

Optimize your site for mobile

24% of Internet users buy on mobile, as we mentioned in our article on the 7 most amazing web marketing statistics.

This figure speaks for itself and shows that it is essential to optimize the mobile navigation of your site. Otherwise, you would miss out on many visits and lose many potential customers.

Exchange in discussion spaces

Social media discussion groups and forums are places where you can market your business and demonstrate your expertise.

It is also a way to distribute your articles when the discussion calls for them and to attract additional traffic to your site.

Turn to the stranger

To attract new visitors and therefore new potential customers, there is nothing like opening up to new markets.

Making your site accessible to visitors from all over the world is not impossible and it is a unique opportunity to get in touch with millions of people.

To finish

These 20 techniques will allow you to strengthen your online presence, improve your SEO and generate additional visits to your site.

By fetching quality clicks and links, you show Google that your content is valued and popular, and you increase your chances of finding new customers.

How to get traffic on your site? 10 concrete techniques

You have just launched your website, which you obviously designed to convert your visitors into customers. The problem? Your lead, drowned in the abundance of content available to him every day, does not make it to the front door of your site. As a result, you are not recording traffic even though everything is ready to receive it.

The acquisition of traffic is indeed a real issue for companies. This is why our PumpUp agency today reveals 10 concrete techniques to help you acquire traffic in the short and long term.

1. Blogging and posting

It’s no secret, to see your traffic increase as if by magic, writing relevant and regular content is the number one step to blow up the counters! Google does indeed pay attention to the frequency of publication. Sites that publish regularly will be featured more on search engine pages. We recommend posting at least twice a week to have a significant increase in traffic. This will also allow you to create an appointment with your readers and thus retain them.

Do not forget to set up an SEO strategy to optimize your articles, in particular by working on targeting your keywords.

2. Advertising with Google Ads Google Ads

(formerly Google Adwords), can boost traffic faster than with a natural referencing strategy. Although more expensive, it will allow you, in just a few days, to position your site on keywords that are relevant to your activity and therefore gain very advantageous traffic immediately.

To learn more about the difference between natural referencing and paid referencing, we invite you to read our article “ Natural referencing or Adwords, how to choose? ”

3. Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to serve an advertisement to a lead who has already visited your site. This, therefore, allows you to retarget a visitor.

For example, a user came to your e-store, he put a product in his basket, but he did not finalize his act of purchase and left before. If that user revisits another site where Google is serving advertising, then you will be able to reach your lead again, usually through an attractive banner.

4. The display

The display is perhaps the oldest method in existence for acquiring traffic. It consists of displaying advertising banners on partner sites where there are offers for the rental of advertising space. Remuneration is either per click or display.

If you want to set up a display campaign, know that there are about ten formats that are accepted by Google Ads.

5. Responsive & “Mobile Friendly”

It is no longer a secret for anyone, today a website must be responsive design so that it can be displayed on any medium (desktop, mobile, tablet…). Moreover, the number of searches on mobile has exploded in recent years.

Result? If your site does not display correctly on smartphones, it is lost traffic and it would still be a shame to do without! It is therefore not for nothing that Google attaches a lot of importance to it and today if your site is not responsive design, you have very little chance of appearing in Google’s mobile search results.

6. Emailing and newsletter

The acquisition of traffic can also be done by means of emailing or the newsletter. Although highly regarded, email marketing is still the preferred means of marketing communication for 77% of consumers (source Hubspot).

So do not shy away from emailing or even the newsletter which can be a source of significant and above all quality traffic.

7. Highlighting email signatures

Email signing is not always very well used and yet, it only takes a few minutes to add links to your social networks or even directly to your website or a landing page to attract qualified traffic. Feel free to create eye-catching and stand-out action buttons to increase the click-through rate.

8. Social networks

Whether through regular publications, sponsored posts, or the launch of contests, social networks are essential to increase website traffic.

Indeed, if you follow point number 1 and write regular content on your blog, social networks are a great way to distribute this content and share it with as many people as possible. A relevant and attractive article will be re-shared by your community and so on …

Social ads (or advertising on social networks) will allow you to boost blog posts that have worked well naturally with your community and thus reach an even larger readership.

9. The guest posting

The guest posting, guest blogging, or partnership is a completely free way to optimize its referencing and therefore to optimize its traffic. Generally, this consists of posting a column on the blog of another site that addresses the same topics as you.

This “win-win” deal allows the site that receives the article to have free content without making any effort. And for you, who are writing on the third-party site, it allows you to get backlink and visibility. You can also open your blog to guests, which will allow you to open your site to their readership (since generally these articles are shared on their social networks)

10. Blog comments

While this doesn’t have much of an SEO impact anymore, posting comments on blog posts where your target audience is likely to be can be a way to attract new visitors.

Obviously, we do not recommend that you post comments whose sole purpose is to promote outright. Be more subtle and interact intelligently by bringing something to the debate, it will also allow you to show your expertise on a topic and you will only be more believable.

Google Traffic
Google Traffic

Today the Web is clearly the place to be if you want to exist and continue to reach as many people as possible.

What are the web marketing strategies to put in place? What type of traffic to choose: free, paid? It will be based on the goals you want to achieve. Here are different possible sources of traffic to develop the visibility of your site on the internet.

In summary :

  1. Optimize your natural referencing (SEO) and paid (SEA)
  2. Launch email marketing campaigns
  3. Invest in social networks
  4. Do Netlinking
  5. Develop your network of influencers

1. Attract traffic to your site with Google

Optimizing the SEO of your website is essential to increase the number of visitors generated by search engines. 95% of Internet users use Google as a search engine to find answers to questions they have or to search for a product or service. However, to generate traffic, you have to position yourself in the first 3 search results on Google.

Natural referencing and paid-to-reference are tools to integrate into your web marketing strategy to attract traffic to your site.

1.1. Generate organic web traffic

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses different techniques to gain natural visibility so that the website is well placed in search results and generates free traffic.

SEO, however, takes time and perseverance. You will be able to optimize your SEO and acquire traffic thanks in particular to a content strategy and also with a Google My Business page.

Optimize the technical base of your pages

As you know, Google bots, and those of other search engines, read the HTML code of your web pages. This will allow them to analyze and qualify your content.

Here is the list of essential elements to optimize, they must be in line with your keywords:

  • the URL or link of the page
  • the <title> tag
  • the <meta> description tag
  • the use and structuring of titles <H>
  • the internal mesh
  • the <alt> tag of the images

Web content strategy

Publishing content on your blog offers the possibility of boosting your website by creating a large number of optimized pages. It is a very beneficial technique for acquiring traffic with a content marketing strategy.

Indeed, google bots regularly browse all existing pages on the web to identify and index them.

So the more content you create on your website, and therefore more pages, the more your site is visited by Google robots. So you have a better chance that your site is well referenced.

However, content creation requires a content marketing strategy to deliver quality content to Internet users and Google.

What is quality content? It is content that provides information with high added value for the reader, and which allows Google’s algorithm to satisfy user requests.

Thanks to the analysis of the information sought by your target customers on the internet, you will be able to write effective blog articles, and establish the expertise of your company.

The choice of keywords will also be strategic:

  • either you position yourself on highly sought-after requests but with strong competition,
  • or you create traffic with long-tail keywords. These are phrases usually consisting of several words with little competition.

The combination of these two techniques is recommended to attract traffic to your site.

Regularly publishing web content is also a very effective way to deploy an inbound marketing strategy and win new customers.

Use Google My Business

It is Google’s local SEO tool, very interesting especially if you manage a business or receive customers on your premises.

Google My Business is a page that contains all the information relating to your business:

contact details, opening hours, photos, reviews, itinerary, description, phone number, website, etc.

This sheet brings attractive visibility to your business on the Google search engine. Investing in local SEO is therefore a lever to attract traffic to your website with more qualified and high potential local traffic.

1.2. Generate Paid Web Traffic

Paid SEO or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) consists of creating and optimizing campaigns to serve ads with Google Ads. This is the best way to position your website on strategic keywords.

This technique indeed allows a considerable increase in traffic because these ads will generate a qualified audience with visitors interested in your products or services.

The goal will be to deliver effective campaigns with well-optimized landing pages to avoid unnecessary clicks that will have a negative impact on Google, and a high cost per click (CPC).

Depending on your objectives and your resources, you will use SEO and SEA as complementary acquisition channels.

2. Guide your audience with email marketing campaigns

This technique also called emailing or e-mailing, is based on the massive sending of emails to a list of contacts. email marketing is a mix of communication and direct marketing.

More than half of the planet is using email right now. The massive adoption of email makes it the ideal channel to attract your audience to your website.

There are several ways you can use emails to grab the attention of your recipients. You can send:

  • Updates in your industry
  • Expert advice
  • Market news
  • Blog Updates

The ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to get people to do something. For example, you want your readers to take advantage of an offer, book a trial, or buy a specific product.

The most decisive factor is the CTA or calls to action: choosing the right CTA can increase click-through rate to 371% and product sales to 1,617%.

The most important key is to include a single call to action in every email and make it engaging, arouse curiosity, and activate the user’s sense of urgency.

  1. Acquiring traffic with social networks

Social networks are essential communication channels. They increase the presence of your business on the web and improve your SEO since they are a source of the traffic to your site.

Do you doubt that your customers are on social networks?

Depending on your goals and targets, you will be present on the social networks relevant to your activity, depending on whether you work with individuals or companies.

Facebook and Instagram are best if you are in BtoC, while LinkedIn and Twitter are particularly suited to a professional target.

However, to attract traffic to your site, you must first define a social media strategy, whether to publish your content for free or to use advertising campaigns.

It is indeed necessary to establish an editorial strategy to effectively animate your networks. Your goal is to engage your community of customers and prospects, and naturally encourage them to come to your website to read a blog post, discover a product, or free downloadable content.

Social media advertising

Ads on social networks are a source of qualified traffic to your website, as long as you manage all the parameters necessary for the success of your campaigns.

Why take an interest in Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads?

Because platforms reduce the natural visibility of publications for companies to use their paid solutions. It is, therefore, necessary to study in detail the tools offered, and learn how to use them so that your campaigns are profitable.

  1. Netlinking: backlink strategy

Among the factors that influence your SEO, there are two that significantly impact your SEO: the number of external links that point to your site, and the quality of the links obtained.

These links are called inbound links, backlinks, or backlinks. These 3 terms are equivalent.

To generate links, and attract traffic to your site, the net linking strategy is to get links to your site from external sites with strong authority.

The objective of this strategy is to promote your site to improve its popularity, and therefore its visibility, with an audience interested in your content.

To set up an effective and sustainable net linking strategy, you must meet several criteria:

  • get backlinks from quality sites known in your field of activity,
  • favor the quality of links over quantity,
  • generate backlinks to different sites.
  • your backlinks must imperatively appear as natural vis-à-vis Google. Otherwise, you risk penalizing your site and therefore your SEO.

For your backlinks to have a real impact on the SEO of your site, the theme of the source page and the target page must be very similar.

This net linking strategy will allow you to reach an audience similar to yours and generate quality traffic that you can more easily convert.

How to get quality backlinks? Among the strategies to be implemented, there is the method of guest articles.

Guest articles

Guest articles or “guest blogging” is a practice of writing content and posting it on your behalf on influential sites or blogs with a high audience on your topic.

In addition to optimizing your SEO, this strategy also has the advantage of developing your notoriety.

Find 20 to 30 websites on which you want to publish a guest article, and contact these sites by email to offer them a guest article with optimized content and very high added value to arouse the interest of their audience.

5. Create traffic with influencer marketing

Influencers have a very strong ability to engage their audience and generate interactions with a brand.

Being mentioned by an influencer is an important lever in digital marketing to develop the notoriety of your company, and reach new targets.

Influencer marketing is therefore a source of the traffic to develop thanks to influencers sought after and listened to by thousands of Internet users, and who will be more inclined to trust you.

So you need to identify around 20 influencers in your industry. Give priority to several micro-influencers, and contact them to conclude a partnership that can take several forms: an opinion on your product or service, or content mentioning you.

I advise you to practice all these techniques to attract traffic to your site. Then implement other marketing solutions to convert your visitors into qualified prospects. However, take it step by step and be patient if you favor organic strategies overpaid strategies.


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