15 Must-Know Tips for Becoming a True iPhone Magician

Tips for Becoming a True iPhone Magician Do you believe you know all there is to know about your iPhone? I promise you that that is not the case! The phone with the apple on the back is full of fantastic little tricks……that even the most experienced users are unaware of. But, since I’m a good person, I’ll give all the tips and tricks, shortcuts, and secret features.

1. Customize Control Center

Certain functions are enabled by default in the iPhone control centre. Well, you should know that you may easily alter it to your taste. Navigate to “Settings” and then to “Control Center.” Select the features you wish to add to the control centre by touching the green “+” symbol in this menu. If you wish to erase any, just hit the red “-” symbol. Experiment using the “Screen recording” option to do tip #2 from our post.

2. Record what you see on screen

If you successfully followed point 1 of our article, the “Screen recording” capability has been added to your control centre. To be sure, open it by swiping down on the right with an iPhone equipped with Face ID or up with an iPhone equipped with Touch ID. In the control centre, there is now a save button. Simply touch on it to begin recording your screen. You may record everything you do on your iPhone with this handy function. When you’re finished recording, hit the red bar at the top.

3. Hide your private photos

The picture app stores all of the images you shoot with your iPhone. However, when you launch this app, the photographs are visible to everyone. Not ideal if you want to maintain your privacy or conceal important photographs (bank document, slightly naked photos, etc.). Fortunately, there is a simple way for quickly concealing them. Select the movie or picture you wish to hide in the Photos app. Tap the “Shared” icon and choose “Hide” from the drop-down menu (pull down the menu if necessary to see this option displayed). Then you’re asked to confirm whether you wish to conceal the picture or the video, and that’s all there is to it. The picture is no longer visible in your photo app. Return to the picture app and tap on “Hidden” to see or add it back to your album. This menu contains hidden photographs. Simply tap the “Shared” button, then “View,” and the photographs will be returned to your classic album.

4. Close three apps at once

I personally find it really inconvenient to have to shut open programmes one by one. Did you know that you may save time by closing three applications at once? Bring up many applications at once (double-click the “Home” button or slide the screen from the bottom to the centre of the screen) and swipe apps up with three fingers.

5. Ask Siri to read your emails aloud

Tips for Becoming a True iPhone Magician Activate Siri from the Settings menu and say, “Siri, read me my new emails.” Your fresh emails are then read aloud to you by the digital assistant. You may also use this approach to read messages by telling Siri, “Siri, read me my messages.” Siri hasn’t stopped surprising us! It’s really convenient in the morning to find fresh e-mails while still eating breakfast.

6. Easily correct a mistake in a message with the Trackpad

Is anybody familiar with the term “Trackpad”? On laptops, the touch keyboard replaces the mouse. The trackpad greatly simplifies text navigation. Did you know you could turn your iPhone’s standard keypad into a trackpad? When the keyboard appears, hold your finger down on the space bar for 2 or 3 seconds. The traditional keyboard is subsequently replaced with the Trackpad. Text may now be navigated like a mouse. Unforgettable for quickly correcting a mistake in a chat, e-mail, or any text!

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7. Create custom vibes based on alerts

Your iPhone’s vibrations are completely customizable! Go to “Settings,” then “Sounds and vibrations.” Select “the sound patterns and vibration sequences” you wish to change from this menu. Choose “Ringtone” as an example. The word “Vibration” will then display at the top; click on it. Simply go to the banner (at the bottom of the menu) and choose “Create a vibration.” This is really useful if you want to generate a slight vibration for certain messages you receive.

8. Create a password with letters instead of numbers

You had previously assumed that iPhone lock codes have to be done in numbers? No, no, no! To incorporate a letter combination in your passcode, go to “Settings” and choose “Touch ID or Face ID and passcode.” Enter your current lock code and press the “Change code” button. Enter the lock code once again, then choose “Code choices” and lastly “personal alphanumeric code.” After that, you may choose your letter/number combination to further safeguard the access code.

9. Shake the iPhone to clear the text you just typed

Do you wish to wow the iPhone-addict community with a little-known trick? Shake your iPhone to clear text on any screen. Isn’t it useful, quick, and really intelligent? Shake it again if you want it to resurface, and everything mysteriously reappears.

10. Use the Sleep app to get to bed on time

Tips for Becoming a True iPhone Magician Do you wish to keep track of your sleep and avoid being awakened throughout the night? Your iPhone can assist you! Navigate to the “Health” app, then to “Configure Sleep,” and enter the number of hours you wish to sleep each night. The programme will then notify you of the time you must go to bed and will set the alarm clock. She will also provide you with other sleep-improvement ideas! The iPhone will also set up some essential settings at the selected bedtime. For example, it will automatically reduce the brightness and enter “Do not disturb” mode. The iPhone will even minimise all activities 45 minutes before sleep for a “Return to calm.”

11. Use flash to know you’ve received a message

When you want to be covert and avoid having a ringtone or vibrations, this is a great strategy to use. Do this if you want your phone to flash at certain points during a call or message. Go to “Settings,” then “Accessibility,” then “Audio/Visual.” Enable “LED flash for notifications” at the very bottom of the list. When you get a call, a message, or other notifications, your phone will now flash!

12. Schedule a reminder when you leave a specific location

Have you been requested to bring home the bread every evening when you get home from work? The issue is that you keep forgetting to purchase it! Set up an automated callback. It’s quite effective. For example, I’d want a “Buy some bread” reminder to show on my phone when I leave work every day of the week. Open the “Reminders” app on your iPhone and press the “+” button at the bottom of the screen. Name the reminder “Buy bread,” then click “Detail” to specify when and under what circumstances it should occur. Select “Date” to specify which day the reminder should occur and “Location” to specify when it should occur. That’s it, you’ll never forget to purchase bread again. Your partner will be pleased!

13. Take a photo with the volume button

You’re probably aware of this method, but it’s so useful that it’d be a pity to overlook it. When capturing horizontal images with the iPhone, use the volume up or down button to start the camera. This prevents you from rotating your finger to reach the picture button.

14. Use the camera as a magnifying glass

Did you know your iPhone camera can be used as a magnifying glass? When your vision begins to deteriorate… Navigate to “Settings,” then “Accessibility.” Choose “Magnifier” and press the button. To activate it on an iPhone X or later, press the side button three times. Click the “ID Key” button three times if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier. You can then zoom in on anything using your screen as a magnifying glass!

15. DIY: Use the iPhone level to make sure everything is straight

Tips for Becoming a True iPhone Magician Do you have a painting on the wall? And you want to double-check that the board is straight? Take out your iPhone and launch the “Measurements” app. Then, on the “Level” page, you can see the built-in level. Move your iPhone from left to right until the level reaches zero. If this is the case, the screen will become green. It’s ideal for Sunday DIYers!

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