15 Best PC case companies in the world in 2022

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Do you believe a PC case should be considered while constructing a PC? Absolutely! I will respond. In 2022, some of the finest PC casing firms are creating some remarkable PC cases to boost the performance of your system.

A proper workplace atmosphere may assure that project’s optimum production. Similarly, the proper computer case helps guarantee that your computer performs well. For each computer enthusiast, personalising your CPU starts with selecting the perfect computer case. A computer case, also known as a cabinet or system unit, is the component of a computer that houses the majority of the computer’s hardware.

Steel, aluminium, and plastic are common materials used in PC chassis. This article discusses some of the top brands of PC cases and their characteristics since there are many factors to consider when purchasing a PC case.

Here are the finest PC casing firms in the world in 2022, including PC case brand rankings.

1. Corsair

When it comes to the finest PC case brands in 2022, Corsair is the first place to look. Their models have strong airflow choices for improved cooling as well as elegant looks that assist to create a statement. While they are more expensive than others, they will give you your money’s worth with RGB fans that operate quietly for greater ventilation. To help show off your expensive graphics card, the newest Corsair Obsidian 1000D and Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 come with tempered glass and LED lighting.

2. Cooler Master

In 2022, Cooler Master is one of the greatest PC case brands in the globe. Master Cooler Master, true to their reputation, creates PC enclosure designs with the finest ventilation choices in mind to help protect your CPU from overheating. Their models have suitable interior volumes and clever space-saving innovations. They’ve also integrated three fans for more efficiency in the Carbide series. The Cooler Master Silencio S400, Cooler Master Cosmos C700M, and Cooler Master H500P are some of their most recent offerings. They provide silent and high-performance cooling thanks to its front dust filter.

3. Thermaltake

Thermaltake provides excellent cable management solutions and is widely regarded as the top PC case brand in the industry. They provide simpler constructions for tool-free drive installation on their more robust steel variants. Their most recent model, the Core X713, is by far the greatest yet. It has outstanding space-saving features as well as RGB fans that produce strong airflow. The Level 20 GT RGB Plus E-ATX is a great full tower case with a stackable design that saves room. One of its finest features is most likely the intake and exhaust fans, which enable direct airflow to assist your GPU in providing excellent cooling during gaming sessions.

4. Gigabyte

Gigabyte is a trustworthy PC case brand in the world till 2022, with the greatest performance. If you’re on a tight budget, Gigabyte can assist. They are the industry leader in PC case design, with models that combine elegant appearance, performance, and game customization. They provide an all-inclusive product selection to help you improve your life. The AC300W ATX Mid-Tower PC case is one of their most recent Aorus series offers. It has RGB fusion capabilities that may be customised. They provide the greatest viewing presentation that enables vertical VGA installation due to their transparent entire side panel window. Gigabyte PC cases also provide enough of space for power supplies and SSDs.


EVGA is currently a well-known brand in the PC case business. Previously, EVGA only offered full tower and compact chassis variants. However, their new DG-7 mid tower series has lately bridged the gap between the two case lines. The DG-77 is a stylish mid-tower chassis with a few standout premium features. It has an RGB light controller as well as a one-touch overclocking button. With its tempered glass panels and the ability to install the graphics card vertically, gamers can now show off in style. So, with these possibilities, EVGA is unique in its ability to provide something that many companies cannot: a themed build.


NZXT is a top PC case brand in the gaming category. NZXT is here with their ever-changing product ranges of the highest quality to provide you with an incredible gaming experience. They are a well-known producer of PC chassis and other components. The NZXT H series is now very popular, which may make your PC seem unremarkable. However, the popularity is well-deserved due to the high quality of the designs and the low cost. Their most recent model, the H510i, has a sleek and measured appearance. The disguised power supply shroud draws attention away from the more eye-catching components.

7. Razer

Razer will be a well-known brand name in the PC case sector until 2022. If you’re searching for a tiny form factor setup with high-end performance, Razer offers the right micro tower chassis for you. Its tiny size allows it to effortlessly accommodate all of your hardware specs while retaining a minimalist appeal. One of their partnerships with NZXT resulted in the H440 mid tower PC case, which is noted for its simple design and water cooling capabilities. It has the capacity to customise themes and RGB lightings and costs a shockingly modest $150.

8. Adata

When it comes to the CPU chassis market, ADATA is a relative newcomer. However, with their XPG series, they are unquestionably seizing control. The XPG Battlecruiser is loaded with premium features and is designed to be a formidable competitor to other popular line-ups on the market. The model’s four-sided tempered glass window panels are sure to turn attention. Aside from four eye-catching RGB fans and the premier ARGB controller, it also has exceptional hardware compatibility, cable routing, dust filters, a PSU shroud, and plenty of drive mount space.

9. Fractal Design

Fractal Design is well-known among gamers for its outstanding build quality and simple but attractive PC case designs. Their product portfolio is limited, yet this enables them to concentrate on improvements. In comparison to their rivals, they are likewise less expensive but more durable. The Fractal Define S series has amazing liquid cooling support that improves with each update. Other famous items in their collection include the Fractal Design Define 7 and Define R5. The Meshify-C model, with its mesh front, provides improved ventilation to keep your PC cool.

10. Lian Li

Lian Li PC cases are an example of inexpensive luxury. They will provide you a full-featured PC chassis at a reasonable price for an excellent system build. Their most recent model, the PC-O11 Dynamic, has excellent water cooling support as well as an appealing appearance. However, the low price did not compromise the construction quality. Particularly with the Alpha 550X and 330 series cameras. The Lancool II Mesh, with its acoustic thermal performance for a smooth gaming experience, is another product in their inventory.

11. Antec

With their current lineup in the micro chassis club, Antec has retaken the lead in the PC case market. The Antec Cube tiny ITX has a detachable dust filter, a 6-port fan control hub, water-cooling components, and RGB LEDs. It is, however, quite costly. But it’s well worth the money thanks to its sliding panels and hard drive cage, which are readily adjustable and aid in ventilation. The P5 Mini variant provides excellent noise isolation as well as enough storage space given its size.

12. Phanteks

When it comes to PC cases, Phanteks will provide you with high-quality items at the most competitive pricing. With a price range of $50-$100, the Phanteks Eclipse P350X offers a multi-graphics card setup option as well as liquid cooling, making it an excellent value. The Phanteks Evolv Shift X is another tiny model they offer, with a versatile design that mixes in with any environment. It has liquid cooling loops as well as customizable storage space. The Phanteks Eclipse P300A and Enthoo Pro II are also viable possibilities.

13. In Win

In Win has been in the PC case industry for a long time, and it is their exclusive emphasis. They provide a large assortment of cases ranging from low-cost chassis to completely unique designs. With one of their most recent ATX tower cases, the In Win 303, they provide a combination of functional design, a distinct look, and a reasonable price. The In Win’s 301 chassis, their prior model, was one of the most elegant mini-ITX chassis. The newer 305 model has tempered glass, SECC steel, and a more contemporary appearance.

14. Cougar

Cougar is for individuals who would never settle for the ordinary since they have the most unique vision of PC components. According to Cougar, the Conquer and Conquer 2 are “All New Ultimate Dream Masterpieces.” They not only look great, but they also provide extraordinary cooling performance thanks to three strong fans and an open air design. It’s also not too pricey, given that the major components are aluminium alloy and tempered glass. Their Gemini X twin tower is likewise impressive.

15. CaseLabs

Unfortunately, CaseLabs has gone out of business in recent years. However, they have produced some of the greatest PC cases throughout the years, such the SMA8-A Magnum. It provides decent thermal benchmarking but is a little costly given its simplistic mesh/tempered glass panel design, however it does provide enough storage space for improved cable management. CaseLabs provides a configurable HDD tray as well as additional components for bespoke construction. If any of their models catch your eye, you may find them on Amazon and eBay.

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