13 WordPress plugins to customize a login page

customize login page plugin

Do you want to customize a WordPress blog or website login page? Do you want to customize it like many pro bloggers with the best WordPress plugins?

So, here is the list of the 13 best premium WordPress plugins that will allow you to customize your login page.

1. Ninja Login

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to customize your login page. It’s more than just customizing your login form. You can customize the entire page, changing the color of it, add a background image, add a logo, and more.

Its other features are the protection of login and registration forms with captcha, automatic and manual banning of IPs that attack you by brute force, a detailed log of all connection-related activities, user redirection based on roles and usernames, receiving email notifications for all login events, easy-to-use graphical interface, detailed documentation and more.

2.WP Custom Admin Login

WP Custom Admin Login is a premium WordPress plugin for customizing the default WordPress login page. It allows you to customize this page from the WordPress Customizer and comes with over 25 awesome page templates that will be totally yours to choose from.

Even if you don’t have any coding skills, you will be able to create an outstanding login page in no time.

Its visual interface is very intuitive, which will allow you to configure your login page according to your preferences. It supports videos and images that can be used as a background on your page.

3. AccessPress Social Login

AccessPress Social Login is a perfect premium WordPress plugin to allow users of your website to register or login to the website using any of their social media accounts.

As a website owner, you can easily configure: which social media accounts to enable or disable for logging into the website, which areas of the website or blog where logging in via social media is required, the possibility to select the social network connection buttons or icons, and others.

Its main features are supported for the 12 most popular social networks, the configuration of each social network account by defining some authorization details, support for shortcodes whatever the section or page, an available widget, high-level customization, BuddyPress and WooCommerce support, nice and easy to use admin interface for website admin to manage and configure this plugin, multilingual support, and others.

4. Pro Custom Admin

The WordPress premium Pro Custom Admin plugin, allows you to easily customize the registration and login pages of your website or create a maintenance page.

It offers several features, of which we will mention the main ones: change the background color and the logo of the login page, add a personalized favicon to the backend and frontend of your website, change the colors of the links and buttons, customize the footer text that appears on each admin page, remove the WordPress version number from the footer, free and lifetime updates, and many more.

5. Hero Login Styler

Customize your WordPress login page with the WordPress Hero Login Styler plugin. This premium WordPress plugin gives you the ability to quickly and easily create stylish and professional login pages that extend and integrate the look of the website.

It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that any user can easily learn. While it does not offer optimal features as the Login Ninja plugin does, it does offer a complete module for customizing your login pages.

So now give your pages a great look that will appeal to each of your targets.

6. Flex-Register

Flex-Register is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add a registration or login form in a lightbox. A refresh of the page will not be necessary and it will work immediately after installation. No configuration will therefore be necessary.

It will also take care of matching your form with the style of the active WordPress theme on your website.

As a feature, it offers among others: a clean design and a well-commented code, its fully customizable appearance, compatibility with the majority of popular WordPress themes, support for multiple browsers, and others.

7. Wow Login

Wow, Login is the ideal premium WordPress plugin for the system of registration and login to your blog or website through different social networks. This extension gives users quick access to the personal cabinet and all the benefits of a web resource.

It is an efficient tool for the administrator, which allows you to create and extend the database of email addresses. It interacts with modern mail services and allows data to be exported in a convenient format.

Its main features are it is easy to use and has a flexible configuration, updating information of new users, modification rights and restrictions applicable to their accounts, as well as updating the database, a convenient control panel, support for shortcodes, the ability to hide the admin bar and the “Login” button after authorization for individual roles, and much more.

Discover its plethora of features by going to the page dedicated to it.

8. Loginstyle

Bookmark, beautify, and personalize your WordPress login page without any coding knowledge. Lightweight and fast, the Loginstyle premium WordPress plugin comes with 12 unique templates ready to install to instantly transform your login page.

Add stunning effects to your login pages, such as realistic raindrops or interactive molecules.

With over 150 options in the settings, the possibilities will be endless and you will be able to give your page a unique look.

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9. Chrome Auto Login for WooCommerce

Chrome Auto Login for WooCommerce allows customers to automatically log into a website without having to enter a password every time they visit your online store again.

A customer likely tends to forget passwords. Chrome Auto Login for WooCommerce registers customer accounts and requests permission to save the password associated with their account.

It is a premium extension of WooCommerce which is easy to install and requires less time to set up.

10. Master Modal LogIn PopUp

If you want your users, members, and administrators to connect to your website with a professional, responsive, fully customizable modal popup that offers an accessible form, then this plugin is for you. It puts all those standard WordPress pages (like wp-login ) on your side.

Its features are among others: several customizable popup templates via the dashboard, a 100% responsive layout and compatible with mobile devices, support for registration or connection to the website with social media identifiers (Facebook and Google), handling redirection after registration, registration, and logout, support for Visual Composer and others.

11. Saraagna | WooCommerce Login

Sarragna is a simple and lightweight premium WooCommerce plugin that allows users to log in and register anywhere on the website with a simple pop-up window and without having to refresh the page.

So if you don’t like WooCommerce’s default login and sign-up page design? Use the shortcode generated by this WordPress plugin to create a page similar to your popup window using a different layout using style settings.

Its main features are 10 styles available, more than 30 layout templates, support for shortcodes, customization of the form background, protection by captcha, support for redirection URLs, a strong indicator of the password, the ability to translate it, and more.

12. WordPress Simple Login Registration

This premium WordPress login plugin offers several security solutions for your website. It keeps track of IPs, usernames, and passwords. Intelligently, it gathers failed login attempts to see if the tried credentials match the last failed attempts.

It enforces the creation of strong passwords and it allows you to force users to change their passwords after a certain period of time.

You will discover its other features by visiting the page dedicated to it on CodeCanyon.

13. Gravity Forms User Registration and Login

Gravity Forms User Registration and Login is a premium WordPress plugin that is all about getting your members, visitors, and users to register or log in to your website most easily and efficiently possible. With this WordPress plugin, you will have the possibility to easily create a powerful registration or login form.

In the settings page of this plugin, you will be able to define the form field to use for username, password, email address, first name, last name, user role, and 20 other custom fields.

You can choose to let the new user set their own password or you can generate a more secure one. You can also turn off the automatic login feature and only create a new user. You will even be able to use conditional logic to create a new user only if the conditions are met.


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