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Fancy the best WordPress popup plugins for your blog?

Popups (pop-ups) are very powerful tools that are used by many bloggers to display advertisements, capture email addresses, or display any other type of information. They are also able to display ads attractively while avoiding annoying readers while the readers are focused on certain content.

So today we are going to present to you a list of free and paid WordPress plugins that will allow you to display popups on your website.

pop up plugin
pop up plugin

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the most popular premium WordPress popup maker plugin. It will not only help you create popups on your website but also apply targeting to it in a beneficial way.

OptinMonster also has the facility to create any of the campaign types without using popups. And to trigger your popups, you have a wide range of options.

Beyond triggers, you also have a ton of targeting options to make sure you’re only showing pop-ups to the right visitors.

As you might expect, OptinMonster also integrates with some of the most popular email marketing services.

2. Modal Popup Box Elementor Addon

The WordPress Modal Popup Box extension of the Elementor premium WordPress plugin will allow you to add popups of a wide variety of purposes to your WordPress website.

This is the easiest opt-in solution on this list, which will appeal to Elementor plugin users or users looking for a simple popup. It allows you to display anything in a popup like discount offers, news on new products, coupon codes, etc.

It offers many configurations to display your content. You can also use it in the sidebar as a widget, just paste the shortcode into the text widget, and also you can use it with any post.

3. Popups

What Popups lack in naming creativity, it makes up for in ease of use and WordPress-specific targeting methods. While it doesn’t offer as many features as OptinMonster, it’s perfect for basic types of popups.

The popup builder tool does not have the drag and drops functionality, but it is still quite simple and easy to use. Once you have chosen the appearance of your popup, you can apply targeting to it using AND / OR rules and many other criteria.

It offers a few triggers natively, but the premium version adds additional triggers.

4. Super Forms – Popups

This WordPress Super Forms plugin extension doesn’t have the same sheen as the other popup plugins on this list, but it’s still a good choice for users looking to convert visitors to subscribers quickly.

Super Forms – Popups is a great choice if you are looking for an easy solution for building your email list.

Its main features are 7 pop-up templates that can easily get you started quickly, 12 different triggers and filters on visitor behavior, popups that can be sticky, and more.

5. Ninja Popups

With over 30,000 sales and a 4.4-star rating, Ninja Popups is one of the most popular WordPress plugins available on Code Canyon.

In addition to a huge range of models for a variety of use, it also comes with several features such as anti-blocking technology support to bypass ad blockers, a variety of targeting options, statistics in the dashboard, content blocking for opt-in email or social media shares, tons of integration with email marketing services and more.

6. ChimpMate Pro

ChimpMate Pro is a WordPress opt-in plugin designed specifically for MailChimp users, and to help convert readers to subscribers. Like its OptinPoint plugin, which we’ll look at later, this plugin is highly customizable and allows full control over when and where pop-ups appear.

ChimpMate Pro will be the plugin of choice for MailChimp users, but if you’re not using MailChimp, don’t worry – the OptinPoint plugin from our list might be for you.

Its features include: integration with WooCommerce, visual pop-up editor with real-time preview, fully customizable appearance, 9 behaviors and trigger options, and many more

7. Popup Maker

Popup Maker is the most popular WordPress popup maker plugin listed on WordPress.org with over 200,000 active installations. It will help you create a wide variety of popups.

Its popup editor will help you create these using the familiar WordPress interface, although it’s not a perfect tool like the ones you find on OptinMonster or Ninja Popups.

When it comes to targeting and triggers, Popup Maker configures itself with a bunch of settings to target specific content on your website, though most of its advanced options are locked behind an add-on that’s premium.

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8. Layered Popups

The specialty of Layered Popups is the ability to create your own animated and multi-layered popups. If delving into the meanders of this design is not your style, you can enjoy over 150 ready-made and beautifully designed pop-up templates.

With its wide range of features, Layered Popups will add some spice to your opt-ins and popups.

Features include: compatibility with 65 email marketing service providers, visual popup creator, support for A / B campaigns and statistics, and more

9. Popup Domination

Popup Domination is one of the oldest popup maker tools, which is a big part of its tagline. And while it’s been around for a while, Popup Domination has received plenty of updates to stay competitive.

Not only does it come with a bunch of popup templates to get you started quickly, but it also has an analysis system so you can see how your popups are behaving, A / B testing support to optimize your popups based on collected data, a bunch of targeting options like exit intent, click, page level, referrer, device, etc….

And beyond these features, Popup Domination also has a unique pricing model compared to OptinMonster.

Rather than paying more for additional features, Popup Domination gives you all the features of each plan and only charges you based on the number of popup views you have per month.

10. ConvertPlus

ConvertPlug is a WordPress plugin that contains a huge library of over 100 beautiful ready-to-use templates and is specially designed to convert your website visitors into subscribers, and customers, through the use of a wide variety of windows. customizable contextual triggered by various user actions.

So, if you want to increase your conversion rate, ConvertPlug should be one of your plugins to try.

Its main features are, among others: more than ten popup display positions, 12 different triggers and filters on visitor behavior, the possibility of re-engaging inactive visitors with interactive windows, the possibility of adapting your offers differently to visitors new, old, and connected, and more

11. Sumo

The WordPress Sumo plugin isn’t just about popups – it’s a complete suite of tools for your website. But one of the most popular tools in this suite is List Builder which, you guessed it, will help you show opt-in pop-ups on your website.

You will be able to use the drag and drop functionality to create your popups using custom images, buttons, and text. Then you can trigger your popup with conditions such as intention to exit, delay, scrolling depth, etc.

Sumo List Builder also has A / B testing and analysis so that you can optimize the popups you use on your website.


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