multisite wordpress plugin

Need to manage a multisite network? Here are the 10 best tailor-made WordPress plugins.

The WordPress multisite network allows you to create multiple websites with the same user interface, without having to worry about hosting issues every time, since it remains the same for everyone. This is a real advantage for those who are in the management of content on a large scale.

However, managing a multisite network is not always easy. Unfortunately, WordPress’ default multisite feature is quite limited and doesn’t offer a lot of possibilities. However, there are plugins to overcome this problem.

multisite wordpress plugin
multisite WordPress plugin

1. Beyond Multisite Beyond

Multisite is a premium WordPress plugin that helps administrators of a multisite network to better control, protect and clean their network.

Its main functions are the possibility of authorizing access to certain websites, the mass activation or deactivation of plugins on all websites or certain websites of the network, the mass deletion of plugins. comments on the network according to the chosen criteria (state, links, age, number of comments), the mass deletion of empty or old websites, the protection of WordPress forms against spam bots, etc …

2. WordPress Multisite Posts & Taxonomies Sync

This is an easy way to sync posts, pages, and categories on a WordPress Multisite network.

This module helps users to synchronize posts, pages, categories, and tags from one website to another website on the same network. Custom post types and taxonomies can also be synchronized. You also have a mass synchronization option for articles and taxonomies.

You won’t need any coding knowledge to use this WordPress plugin. It’s very simple! New and old articles/categories will be automatically created or updated on another website in the network.

3.WP Multisite Content Copier PRO

WP Multisite Content Copier PRO is one of the best solutions to copy or update articles, pages, custom post types, and users from one website (blog) to other websites (blogs) in your WordPress Multisite network.

Its main features are the ability to copy and update articles, pages, custom post types, users, categories, and tags, add new websites, and support for custom fields that can be found in posts, pages, and custom post types.

4. White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite

Have you ever wished it was easier to customize the menu and logo on every sub-website in your WordPress multisite network? Would you like to give each sub-website the ability to create its own branding? Look no further, this plugin is for you!

White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite allows you to control the branding of the main website and all sub-websites in a WordPress multisite network.

This plugin gives you the ability to create a global template that all network subsites will use. Or you can allow each sub-website in the network to create their own branding and customize their menus for the role of editor.

You will also have full control over all user roles and capabilities.

5. Woo Multisite Product & Category Sync

Woo Multisite Product & Category Sync is a premium WordPress plugin that synchronizes WooCommerce products, WordPress articles, pages, and categories on a Multisite network.

Its main features are the ability to synchronize all types of products, that is to say simple, variable, grouped, virtual, also to synchronize orders and coupons in WooCommerce multisite online stores, to synchronize all WordPress default post types (posts, pages, etc.), support for custom post types and custom taxonomies, and much more …

6. WordPress Multisite Sync

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to maintain your multisite network by synchronizing repetitive tasks. You will be able to sync post types, including WooCommerce products, to one or more websites in your multisite network and keep them updated.

Its functionalities are, among others: the synchronization of more than 100 repetitive tasks, the individual configuration of each repetitive task and their automatic execution, the choice of the main website, the choice of the type of product as well as its state, the selection of the data to be a copy, excellent documentation and many more.

7. WordPress Multisite Shared Media

Do you need to use the same images on different websites in a WordPress multisite network? If so, then here is the premium WordPress plugin you need.

WordPress Multisite Shared Media, as the name suggests, makes uploaded media available across the multisite network. It is ideal for multilingual setups. Plus, it works with featured images and WooCommerce product galleries.

Its other features are: enabling and disabling media sharing between network sites and deleting media from network websites, replication of all media that exist on the main network website, support for multilingual, and others.

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8. WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo is the ultimate tool for building a premium network of websites on your WordPress Multisite installation. With this module, you can create unlimited plans, coupon codes and easily manage your network subscriptions.

Its features include unlimited plan support, 5-minute installation, support for Stripe and PayPal payment gateways, easy subscription management in a beautiful and concise control panel, issuance of refunds directly from the dashboard, etc …

9. Network Posts

The Network Posts module creates a list of recent posts taken from one or more subsites of your WordPress multisite network and displays the list on the network’s main website. You’ll be able to choose from widgets, shortcodes, and WP_Query-like alternatives to display your custom posts, pages, or post types on your network’s main website.

Its other features are supported for custom posts, pages, and post types, cached network posts for fast and efficient content distribution, automatic caching of new posts, pages and post types personalized, documentation always up to date.

10. Content Network Distribution

Content Network Distribution is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create a multisite network that gives you the ability to publish an article or page across all the websites in your network.

With this plugin, you will be able to publish or edit posts and pages from any website in the network if you have the right role. It is a simple WordPress plugin to install and use. After activating the latter, a new meta box will appear with the list of all the websites of your multisite installation.


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