10 WordPress plugins to improve the promotion of your products

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plugins to improve promotion

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins to improve your product promotion? where would you like to find out how to promote products with WooCommerce plugins?

WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress online store building plugins; the latter still leaves to other developers the possibility of creating magnificent extensions that will improve the usability of your eCommerce website. Among these extensions, you will find some, which will strengthen the promotion of your products and the relationship with your customers.

So in this article, we offer you the 10 best premium WordPress plugins, which will help you promote your products while reducing the bounce rate of your online store.

plugins to improve promotion

1. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a premium WordPress plugin, designed to help you earn commissions from selling Amazon products directly to your website. It allows you to import products from Amazon on any website, to popularize them with your audience.

2. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

This is a pricing and promotion tool for all online stores. With great flexibility, this plugin provides many pricing methods.

You can use it to adapt your products to any pricing strategy. You will also be able to offer exclusive discounts.

So if you are looking to drive more conversions through promotions, this plugin is a plus. You can also use it for regular sales, sales, group sales, etc …

3. WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce Simple Auctions is a premium WooCommerce extension that extends the functionality of the popular WooCommerce plugin with auction functionality. With this plugin, you will easily be able to create an eBay clone, with regular auctions on your products.

This WooCommerce auction plugin is easy to use, but also powerful, so users will get a real WordPress-based auction solution.

4. WooCommerce Notification

WooCommerce Notification, as the name suggests, displays recent orders on your online store.

It’s the equivalent of an online store that shows potential customers that other people are buying your products. This creates in your visitors, a feeling of confidence obtained by the purchase of your products by other customers.

5. SUMO Reward Points

This is a very popular premium WordPress plugin that rewards customers with points, for loyalty to your online store.

Reward points earned can be used for future purchases. Its features will also offer a lot of flexibility at the product and category level.

6.XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers

Redirecting traffic to your website or online store is one of the Achilles tendons of webmasters, especially for those with very bad conversion rates.

This WooCommerce plugin comes with the best triggers found on platforms such as Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Sears, Ali Babaetc…. You will not need any expertise to deploy it on your online store. You just need to get your license, install the plugin and activate the triggers you want.

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7. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

As your WooCommerce online store grows, it’s important to know who is spending the most and who is the most frequent. While it may be imperative to place new orders, it is just as important to maintain the relationship with your customers.

With this WordPress plugin, you will have all the basic tools necessary to keep the loyalty of your customers and improve the relationship between you and your customers. It assigns a status to customers, sends mass or individual emails to customers, allows you to filter in the list of your customers according to the statuses or products purchased, allows you to manage your customers in static or dynamic groups, and much more. others.

8. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

The premium WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin works specifically to recover abandoned carts and increase sales. It sends follow-up emails to customers, reminding them of their order while allowing you to increase the chances of recovering the abandoned cart.

You can also attach discount coupons to this email, to encourage the customer to complete their purchase.

9. WooCommerce Customers Manager

WooCommerce Customers Manager, also called WCCM, extends the functionality of the popular WooCommerce plugin by adding a “Customers” menu which offers you the possibility to find all the personal information of customers, orders, registration dates, last orders, etc …

It offers as features: compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins, importation of customer lists, compatibility with WPML plugin, order statistics, and many more.

10. WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

This premium WordPress plugin is extremely useful for creating unlimited discount coupons. These can be exchanged for products in physical stores.

It is easy to configure and can be customized for each product separately.


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