10 WordPress plugins to create sliders

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plugin to create slider

Are you looking for the best WordPress slider plugins?

Whether you want to display customer testimonials, your latest blog posts, your best images, or just showcase your team members, several WordPress slider plugins will be perfect for this task.

It should be noted that in this article we will not make a distinction between the plugins of carousels or sliders, to avoid plunging ourselves into the quarrel that exists between the supporters of the different plugins. But we will simply try to bring out some premium WordPress plugins able to help you create beautiful sliders on your website.

plugin to create slider

1. Foxy

The WordPress Foxy plugin is an easy-to-use, fast, and stylish plugin – it is the best product slider builder plugin on WooCommerce.

So, if you are looking for a product image slider for WooCommerce, look no further; this plugin has everything you need to easily accomplish this task.

Among its features, you will find among others: more than 150 different configuration options, a fully responsive layout, a preview mode, 8 predefined templates, and much more.

If you are a die-hard fan of the Visual Composer suite, then using the WP Slick Slider plugin is an option you will need to consider.

With almost 100 prebuilt templates, you are sure to find what you are looking for without having to code anything. This is an option to take really seriously, especially for Visual Composer users.

Its features are among others: a fully responsive layout with drag and drop support, a shortcode builder, RTL and multilingual support, a beautiful design, and much more.

3. Master Slider

It’s no wonder the WordPress Master Slider plugin is a perennial favorite on CodeCanyon. This tactile and responsive slider offers more than 70 templates that are highly customizable and also easy to use.

You will have the option to insert or embed HTML text, links, images, or videos directly into each slide, then independently animate each layer.

With over 70 configuration options, Master Slider remains one of the highly customizable plugins in this niche.

Its main features are an integrated visual slide show builder, ease of use, the presence of navigation keys, the ability to load and display galleries from services such as Flickr and WooCommerce, and t many others.

4. Slider Pro

Slider Pro is one of CodeCanyon’s top three sellers. It provides a clean and intuitive user interface in the administration area and a smooth browsing experience for users and visitors.

It avoids unnecessary fantasies, which are often a hindrance for users who are looking for the information they need. In addition, it focuses on simplicity and performance, while offering a wide range of customization possibilities.

Its handling of URLs on the browser’s search bar is one of the features that stood out for us on the latter. Its other features include a-c LOADING optimized picture, a p easy customizing, of animations fluids, p several layouts, excellent SEO for search engines, and more.

5. RoyalSlider

This is the most downloaded WordPress slider plugin on CodeCanyon, Royal Slider comes with irresistible features. Used by companies as diverse as Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, and Land Rover, this plugin does just about everything you might expect from a slider.

The most attractive feature is the native full-screen support. Perfect for displaying high-resolution photography. This plugin will definitely impress your visitors with its professional features.

As functionalities, we will have among others: the possibility of creating several sliders with different styles per page, support for tactile navigation, responsive design, vertical or horizontal miniatures support for bullets and tabs for navigation more.

6. Showcase Logos

The Logos Showcase plugin is specifically intended for users who want to create a grid of images with external or internal links or who need to display a list of client or sponsor logos.

This slider should be chosen if your priority is to display logos and lists more efficiently.

Its other features are three different ways to display images, control of the speed of transitions, activation of automatic scrolling, control of the default size of logo images, the ability to configure the URL of each logo is more.

7. All-Around

All Around is a WordPress plugin, as its name suggests well rounded. It offers you a clean and responsive design, several predefined styling options, and touch support.

If this is your first WordPress plugin and slider plugin, it could also be the last you need. Its features are fully responsive layouts, 6 predefined styles, video support, vertical or horizontal scrolling, support for multiple sliders on a single page, and more.

8. Ultra Portfolio

Ultra Portfolio will primarily appeal to users interested in creating portfolios, with slider features included. It offers a lot of layout options and really offers flexibility and functionality.

The most attractive feature of this slider is the ability to control animation effects and animation speed. This WordPress plugin should be your choice if you want to combine slider functionality with a wide range of portfolio options.

Its other features are unlimited creation of layouts, seamless integration with WooCommerce, support for multiple Google Fonts, the ability to control the number of columns for different resolutions and screen widths, and a lot of ‘others.

9. Slider Revolution

Revolution Slider is an innovative and responsive WordPress carousel plugin that beautifully displays your content. Whether it’s a slider or a carousel, its drag and drop visual editor will allow you to tell for example the story of your company, highlight your best products, your best articles, and much more

Its features are: an excellent slide creation interface, drag and drop slide design, fully responsive layout, perfect management of multimedia content, optimized performance, multilingual support, delivered with nearly 340 elements graphics, many slide show templates on offer, compatibility with the majority of WordPress themes, excellent customer support, touchscreen support, free and regular updates, documentation and video tutorials available and much more.

10. Avartan Slider

Avartan Slider is a responsive WordPress plugin, designed to create an innovative and impressive image, multi-layered content, and slideshow slider. This plugin is an efficient and user-friendly way to spruce up your homepage.

It has modern features such as touch navigation support, visual and intuitive slide and slide show creator, multimedia content management, and many more.

Its functionalities are among others: excellent SEO, the support of tactile navigation, an intuitive and graphic design interface, the management of different types of formats, a lot of animation effects, parallax and 3D effects support, excellent typography, customer support available, video tutorials, detailed documentation and much more.


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