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Website under construction plugin

For any beginning of a project, whether you are a WEB developer or not, using the website under construction plugin for pages is something necessary. As you already know, in WordPress things are done in the most practical and optimized way possible. So, we’ve separated 10 WordPress plugins for websites under construction that will help when starting a project.

Several of these plugins we’ve listed give you the option to add a countdown timer – which already creates an engagement with the audience, a box to register emails, and informational messages about the website, blog, store, or project that will soon be launched. Script Certo hopes to help you choose the plugin that best fits your needs. So, enjoy!

website under construction plugin

10 WordPress Plugins for Websites Under Construction

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Very simple and flexible, the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin works with any WordPress theme you have installed on your website. With it, anyone who accesses your site and is not logged in will see the page with information about “Under Construction”. Meanwhile, you and other registered users (authors, managers, and developers) and logged-in can access the site normally.

With the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin, you can customize the “Under Construction” page however you like. In addition, you can collect emails, take advantage of Google Fonts and customize, if you want, using CSS and HTML.

Easy Coming Soon website under construction plugin

Easy Coming Soon is a WordPress website under construction plugin that allows you to create a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page for your WordPress site within minutes. Just install and activate the plugin, configure the page title, a brief description and you’re done!

With Easy Coming Soon you don’t have to worry about anything. It is fully compatible with WordPress themes that you might have installed on your site. Unlogged users see the “Coming Soon” page, while registered users will have free access to all internal and administrative pages of your WordPress site. The plugin also has responsive technology, connectivity to social networks, among other highlights.

WP Maintenance Mode is the best website under construction plugin

If you want an “Under Maintenance” or “Under Construction” page equipped with a countdown, WP Maintenance Mode is the right plugin. Activate the plugin and your blog is automatically in build mode. That way, only logged-in users with sufficient rights can see the site in full.

In WP Maintenance Mode you can set a date with a countdown timer for your visitors, support multi-sites, have easy integration with social networks, use responsive technology, can be customized the way you want, and even gives you the option to use contact forms and email capture area.

Site Maintenance

One of the simplest WordPress Under Construction plugins out there. Site Maintenance is a lightweight WordPress maintenance and builds plugin. It puts the site into maintenance mode, sending a status of “503 Service Unavailable” to all unauthenticated users.

The Site Maintenance plugin effectively inhibits search engines. This way, you don’t let your maintenance page be indexed, which ensures that your site won’t lose its position in the search rankings while it’s out of service.


Maintenance is a WordPress Maintenance plugin that allows you to close the site for maintenance, display the message “503 Service temporarily unavailable” and set a temporary “Under Construction” page.

Easy to customize, Maintenance looks great on any device. Add your logo, background image, select the desired color, add text, among other options. You can choose to allow access to logged-in people or just the administrator.


Offline or Coming Soon website

Use the Site Offline or Coming Soon plugin to let your visitors know about your site’s “Under Construction” status. If site offline mode is enabled, visitors to your site will see a maintenance mode page, while you as an administrator can seamlessly make changes to the site.

Site Offline or Coming Soon is a very useful plugin for users who want to display a “Coming Soon” page on their websites to perform live maintenance work or need to take it offline.

Coming Soon Pro

This is a paid plugin to develop and use “Under Construction” pages on your WordPress. With it, you have the option to define the background you want, add videos, count on optimization techniques that come with the plugin, and allow access by username or by IP. Only registered and logged-in users can access the site, otherwise, they will see the WordPress Under Construction page.

Coming Soon Pro offers integration with MailChimp. So, even before launching your website, project, or product, you already start building your email list. It is a fully responsive plugin, with a flexible design and ready retina.

Coming Soon CC

Coming Soon CC WordPress plugin allows you to create a “Coming Soon” or launch page, with an elegant look, quickly and effortlessly. Display a clean and informative page while the site is under construction.

With Coming Soon CC, you work without your visitors noticing what’s happening. Collect emails so when your site launches your visitors can know about it. The plugin supports social media, SEO techniques and is fully responsive.

Responsive Maintenance Pro With Countdown

Responsive Maintenance Pro With Countdown is a plugin for websites that are under maintenance or construction. Working on your website while visitors can see a page with information about “Under Maintenance” is easy with this plugin.

With this plugin, your WordPress has 6 different styles of responsive templates, uses CSS3 animations, Youtube videos in the background, and allows you to define images for the background. VoC6e can display a countdown clock, icons, and links to social media, and set your logo.

Site Launcher

To finish our list of 10 WordPress plugins under construction, check out the Site Launcher. It allows you to set a date to launch or suspend your website automatically. With it, you have the possibility to choose which administrators have access to plugin settings, etc.

The Site Launcher has a nice “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” page. Choose the custom background image, colors, and whether you want a message box – allowing users to log in from the “Coming Soon” page. This plugin gives you the alternative to redirect to a different URL if you don’t want to display a WordPress page under construction.


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