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By Rebecca
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Are you always keeping an eye on your website traffic statistics? Whether your website is personal or for business, more traffic means more exposure, and that means more income. So, it’s understandable that I’m obsessed with my website stats, right?

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In fact, I’m sure you’ve already realized that it’s important to have a constant flow of visitors and pageviews. If you’ve done any kind of research on the subject, you’ve probably come across some standard advice:

Create a lot of content on a regular basis. In other words, focus on creating the content that would solve the greatest needs of your target audience while maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Focus on a long list of keywords. Targeting a keyword is no longer a viable technique. It is incredibly difficult to classify on the basis of a specific keyword, instead, you should focus your efforts on the inclusion of phrases and common terms that appear in conjunction with your word- main key.

Promote your content on social media. Being active on multiple social media nowadays translates into promoting relationships with ” influencers ” in your industry, filtering their content, while discreetly sprinkling links to your own content. While you can automate most of the work with regard to social media, you can not automate the creation of relationships. And that alone can take time out of your already probably busy schedules.

While these tactics are good and work, there is a small problem. Everyone uses them.

So if everyone is using these methods how can you stand out? How do you get attention and convert that attraction into traffic for your website?

Today we are going to take a look at a set of unknown or ignored methods that will help increase website traffic. If you’ve been trying to promote your website for a long time, these tactics might not be new to you. However, the purpose of this tutorial is to provide tips that are not included for everyone.

Simple “Tweaks” to Increase Your Website Traffic

Before we dive into other methods, let’s start with your website. Your website is, after all, the backbone of your operations. So let’s take a look at some tweaks that you can apply right away.

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1. Fill in the categories and descriptions

If you’ve paid attention to basic SEO tips, you probably have categories for your website content. Instead of focusing on promoting an article, why not invest some time in giving your categories a little love?

Go to your dashboard, then click Articles > Categories. From there, click on Descriptions and fill in the description field. This is a great place to include a long tail of keywords that have meaning for your niche (by niche we mean niche). Once you’re done, click Save .

2. Create a “Start Here” page

Muscle your “About” page by adding links to your important pages and the posts that bring the most traffic, and rename it: “Start here” or something similar. Use it as a page that will give people insight into your website’s purpose and can act as a one-stop-shop to really get started on your blog.

3. Create resource pages

Do you have a list of ” must-have ” tools and applications that you use in your daily life? Create a page that will list them all ( if you think this is important to properly assimilate your blog ), with a brief description of why you like them. If you are feeling brave enough, you can write an article about how you use them and how they can help your readers achieve similar results. Also, add this link to these articles on the resources page.

4. Reuse of content

Who says you have to constantly create new content? Take your existing content and reformat it. From a blog, you can create an audio podcast, a video article, a slideshow presentation, a PDF guide, or a checklist… You are only limited by your imagination.

5. Play a little game

This tip is geared more towards business blogging. If you sell products or services on your website, create a special offer such as a chance to win a huge prize on your most popular product or to offer one of your service packages for free. Ask your visitors to share your offer on social media for a chance to win.

ways to increase traffic” src=”https://img.breldigital.com/uploads/2021/07/03164954/Untitled-design118.png” alt=”ways to increase traffic” width=”1440″ height=”880″ /> ways to increase traffic

6. Start a forum on your website

An active forum can be a great way to broaden the conversation, increase the time visitors spend on your website, build community, and decrease your bounce rate. On top of that, forums can help rank a long list of keywords fairly quickly. You can easily add forum functionality to your website with bbPress .

7. Use social media to increase traffic

By now, we all know that social media can play a big role in increasing your blog traffic. However, just filtering out quality content and scheduling updates in favor of your articles isn’t enough. Reaching out to people is very effective and will allow you to build great and valuable relationships, however, there are other methods of driving website traffic on social media (more on this later ).

8. Optimize your profile

It goes without saying that your profile should be optimized to show that you are present on all social media. This includes having a profile with the most recent photo, having a fully written bio, and having a link to your website. It’s good practice to link to a special landing page focused on a particular social media network instead of your blog’s home page.

For example, if your favorite social media outlet is Twitter, adding a link to a page that has tips and tricks for Twitter users, or tools that help you manage Twitter more effectively is likely to encourage more people to follow suit. Click on this link, then click on a link that sends to the home page.

9. Take advantage of Facebook Groups

Before Facebook went through all the recent algorithm changes, so having a Facebook page for your blog is one of the “ must-haves ”. However, nowadays it is much more beneficial to participate in Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are one source that covers almost every niche imaginable. Joining relevant Facebook groups and participating in conversations where you provide real insight into a specific topic will inevitably lead some people to visit your profile. For these people who click on your profile, it is important that by visiting your timeline, that they find relevant information both about you, but also about your offers and services (your blog for example).

10. Tell people exactly what to do

By far the easiest, but also the most overlooked step in creating a great video is not telling people what to do until they see the video. At the end of each of your videos, you need to communicate precisely what you expect from those watching the video and you can take advantage and tell them why they should visit your blog.

That’s it for these tips that will help you get more traffic to your blog.


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By Rebecca
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