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As many of you know, WordPress has hundreds of plugins that can make your website more beautiful, agile, and optimized. The widgets area of ​​a WP site is one of the most popular places. You can create new ones of these spaces and thus customize your blog the way you want.

For those who like to explore the widgets within their website, Script Certo made a survey of the 10 most popular WordPress widget plugins. This way, you stay on top of what many users use and even discover useful tools for you.

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WordPress Plugins Widget

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Being connected to social networks is essential to get more traffic. With the plugin Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar, you add a floating bar with the main social networks to your website. There is no better way to get your visitors to share your content.

Custom Sidebars

How about creating your own widget areas and choosing which pages they should exist on? That’s exactly what you get using the Custom Sidebars plugin. Taking full control of your widgets and sidebars is much easier. Choose to display sidebar by category, pages, post type, etc.

Content-Aware Sidebars

The Content-Aware Sidebar is a plugin for creating unlimited sidebars. You won’t need to manipulate any kind of code and you’ll be able to dynamically create and display sidebars for any content or context on your site.

Easy Custom Sidebars

We often need to customize the sidebars of our WordPress theme and we are forced to create new ones from these areas. If you use the Easy Custom Sidebars plugin, you will be able to replace the existing sidebars. That is, no creating something new, just replace and leave it the way you want it.

Simple Page Sidebars

No more working with generic things on your website or blog. The Simple Page Sidebars allow you to create simple and flexible areas for widgets. You can create different sidebars for each page and name them however you like.

Video Sidebar Widgets

Displaying videos through sidebars in the form of widgets has never been easier. With the Video Sidebar Widgets plugin, you can equip the reserved areas of your website, blog, or online store with the videos that you find most interesting.

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At some point, you may have needed to add a login box to your site’s sidebar. This is a simple task, but one that many may find difficult. So, if you want your users to log in through the Front-end of your WP, use the Sidebar Login Widget to make your work easier.

The most common way to display advertising banners on a WordPress site is using sidebars and their respective widgets. The Sidebar Image Banner Ads Widget plugin is intended precisely to facilitate the insertion and display of advertisements in your widgets area.

Responsive Column Widgets

Displaying widgets in columns is possible and practical with Responsive Column Widgets. Arrange your sidebar display just the way you want it. Working with columns and widgets – responsively will be something new once you get to know this plugin.

SZ – Google for WordPress

For anyone who is a fan of dozens of Google tools, the SZ plugin – Google for WordPress works like a glove. Easily display and integrate your website with your Google+, YouTube, Translate, Maps, Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and many others.


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