10 Hacks to Boost ROI of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most valuable marketing channels in recent years. It has been proven to work well, generate billions of dollars in revenue, and provide an effective way to communicate with customers. Every year, however, email marketing is becoming more competitive and challenging to be successful.

Companies are struggling just as much as marketers are trying to figure out what methods will yield the best campaign results. The more difficult email marketing gets, the more critical it becomes to improve the ROI of email marketing. By definition, ROI stands for return on investment. It refers to the amount of value a marketing channel has created by achieving its goals. Here are 10 hacks that will help boost your email marketing ROI.

1. Choose the Right Email Service Provider

Selecting the right email service provider can mean more than just picking the one with a great-looking website. Some providers better handle deliverability issues and optimize campaigns, resulting in higher open rates.

The best providers will also have tools to help you track your ROI and gain valuable insights on what you can do to improve your email marketing campaigns even further. There are so many email service providers out there that it’s overwhelming. That’s why you must research and look for the best ones.

2. Use of Email Deliverability Tool

An email deliverability tool is a tool that monitors the reach of your emails. Email servers provide a service that allows email messages to be sent securely to recipients. Email delivery services are one of the essential factors in email marketing success.

A good deliverability service can help you reshape your campaign and optimize post opens, click-through rates, and sales volume. The results for both improve with better deliverability.

3. Use Short Subject Lines

Subject lines shouldn’t be more than 25 characters long. It’s a rule that some have stretched to 30, but the best subject lines are usually no longer than 25 characters. Longer subject lines will result in your email being marked as spam by mail servers and ending in the junk folder.

It’s much better to make a subject line that can intrigue subscribers and encourage them to open it instead of making one that will just get them sent directly to the junk folder. A shorter, more compelling subject line is the most crucial factor in email marketing success. The less use a subject line has, the better.

4. Use Pop-ups

Experts have said that submitting an email without a subject line is okay. However, you must use an email signature to include your company name and phone number every time you send an email.

Your signature tells your subscribers who sent you and why they should listen to what you have to say. A pop-up should also be used for your email marketing campaign. Pop-ups are a great way to remind your subscribers about you and encourage them to get back in touch with you.

They are also an excellent way to take action and prompt your subscribers to click on a particular link, visit your website, or sign up for your list once more.

5. Use an Autoresponder

An auto-responder is an email message that will automatically be sent out to all of your subscribers once they have decided to opt in. Autoresponders can be used to promote sales and generate more leads for your email list.

An auto responder’s most important feature is the message sent out to subscribers. Messages should simply ask subscribers to click on a link or call you back after they have read the message. You want to use short, simple, and engaging words to encourage your subscribers to act on them immediately after they receive them.

6. Use Your Website as an Email Signature

Your website’s signature helps promote your company and make people feel they have made a good decision when they sign up for your list. Adding a link to your email signature on each website can easily encourage more subscribers to sign up for your list.

It is also important to remember not to put affiliate links in this area. The only purpose of an affiliate link in a header or footer is to generate more sales or leads than the site owner wants. You should use your website to promote the value you offer to your subscribers, not the product or service itself.

7. Personalize Your Messages

In a recent study, email opens increased when marketers were able to personalize the emails they send to their customers. In the survey, 93% of consumers reported that personalized emails received higher open rates than emails that used a username and password.

When you have something new to say or have a great offer for your subscribers, it’s best if you make them feel as special as possible by sending them an email with their name in it.

8. Use Effective Subject Lines

Subject lines are an essential component in email marketing. Subject lines must be exciting and engaging to draw subscribers in and make them feel that they want to find out more about your offer. Make sure your subject lines aren’t too generic or boring; otherwise, you won’t get many people opening your emails.

Optimizing subject lines for click-throughs is all about simple psychology. The wording should target emotional triggers that will make readers want to know more about what you have to say.

9. Use HTML

HTML allows every email marketer to design a professional-looking email that will have an optimal level of user experience. The HTML code can be used to make your emails more visually appealing and boost their revenue-generating potential.

If you are currently using plain text emails, it’s time to start using HTML code. You’ll greatly improve your return on investment and open rate if you use HTML over plain text.

10. Use categorization

Simple actions like sending your subscribers a group email can generate more leads. Subscribers can quickly see how the content and offers apply to them.

This helps create a sense of person-to-person communication and helps subscribers feel like they have been selected and are part of this special email list. Your emails should always have something new to say over and above your regular content.

To Sum Up

By following the steps above, you get a better chance of improving your email marketing success and having subscribers return to your emails. Sending good emails is just as important and challenging as sending great sales leads.

In order to ensure that your emails reach your subscribers and get their attention, they need to be interesting and engaging, and they need to be designed professionally.

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