10 Ground-Breaking Graphic Design Tips To Improve Social Media Engagement

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There are over 3.6 billion people who use social media worldwide. It may comprise only 49% of the human population but this number continues to grow by the minute.

It is what makes social media a crucial component of marketing and one that you should not do without for your brand.

What fueled the social media trend in marketing is the fact that the internet has grown so big over the last decade. Much advancement in technology also contributed as people only need their smartphones to gain access to the internet.

Aside from communication, many companies have seen the potential of social media for marketing. Billions of people frequently scroll through different social media platforms and tapping into this market is a huge opportunity for any business to get discovered.

Over 81% of small and medium-sized businesses are now using social media to promote products and services. Capturing attention is essential since a strong online presence and customer engagement suddenly became one of the parameters in defining business success.

Just like with any marketing strategy, what you need to do is give the customers something to look forward to from your brand. But you will need more than just being on social media to catch the audiences’ attention. The key, ladies and gents, is providing them something pretty to look at.

Social Media Campaigns Need Stunning Graphics to Work

There’s no need to stress more about the importance of awesome graphic designs in marketing. Humans are very visual creatures thus businesses need to have striking visuals for their brands. Bringing your marketing campaign in social media aims to increase brand awareness and grow the followers’ engagement. Nothing would help you realize these goals better than with the use of stunning graphics.

With so many brands leaning on social media for their marketing strategies, it is crucial that you are able to stand out. Having images along with your captions will definitely make the audience look, click, and share. Add eye-catching graphics and engagement will increase by up to three times! It is not only about being seen but more about being recognized, just by the distinct and interesting graphics that you post.

When it comes to social media graphic design, mere images with endearing captions won’t simply do. Graphic design is considered to be an effective tool in delivering messages but this can only be done by following its principles. Not delving into this matter as it would take ages to explain, but what this really means is that you have to consider every aspect of a graphic design in order to achieve the goals of why you are creating it in the first place. You have to reflect on the colors that you will use, font styles, layouts, and other details that contribute to giving a clear message out of the picture.

Getting hyped over this? Let’s make this simple and get you going with creating your killer social media graphics. Here are ten tips to help you make creative designs that really stand out:

10 Sure-Fire Graphic Design Tips For Better Social Media Engagement

Impactful graphic designs will need more than the use of amazing graphics. These innovative tips will ensure that your visuals will be noticed, reacted, AND remembered:

Let’s begin!

1. Work on Your Goal

It is critical to set a goal before creating a design. Your goal should guide you in the entire design process. It should be the basis for all your design and content ideas. You will find it easier to select fonts, pick colors, and compose captions when you know the message that you want the audience to perceive.

To determine your goals, you can ask yourself the following questions:

Knowing the answers to these questions before going ahead with your design makes the process more organized and will give your design more structure.

Take note that working on one goal can create more impact than getting distracted with too many goals that usually leads to overwhelming graphics. Keep your goal simple so that it will be easier to achieve.

Let’s get on with visuals!

2. Sophistication Follows Simplicity

Less is always more with graphic design, especially with social media where you are working with a smaller canvas. The technique is to learn how you can make the design work even with such limited space.

Social media feeds are naturally crowded with a variety of content. Scroll-stopping illustrations that have pleasing fonts, minimal texts, and contrasting colors will make for a simple design but with a lot of aesthetic appeals.

It may seem off to have white spaces in some parts but this will actually help pull the attention towards the design. These gaps simply give the audience room to take the design in and mull over the message that you want them to see.

3. Value the Hierarchy

BIG, BOLD FONTS are naturally striking and can get attention within milliseconds.

The use of color, size, typography and strategic positioning should follow a visual hierarchy that will highlight the important parts of the design.

This is done to emphasize the message of your design. Have the essential information in bigger fonts than the rest of the text and it will dramatically call the attention of the audience towards it.

4. Color Harmony

About 92.6% of people are influenced by colors into buying something.

This is actually true since colors are long known to affect emotions, feelings, senses, and can even influence memories. Integrating color psychology into your design will give you an edge in the clamor for attention in social media.

A good color theme matters a lot if you are after gaining that most sought-after attention from the audience. You have to ensure that your captivating design is noticed through the colors that you use.

You can do this by considering the factors that influence the viewer’s perception. Some of these are the colors’ contrast, balance, and hues. Study the meanings behind colors and see if they coincide with your message. This will not only amplify your message but will also make you consistent in your niche.

Also, try to keep your eyes open for color trends. You may use them as long as it resonates with your brand identity and are acceptable to your target audience.

5. TXT

An overcrowded text tends to make any design look busy and distracting. Limit text to one or two lines so as not to overwhelm the audience. Having short and sweet text in the right font and color ensures better readability and easy digestion of information.

6. Make it Readable

Any text in the content should be readable, especially when they are paired with graphics. Cryptic codes or texts small enough to make the reader squint lessens legibility. Users will not like it thus foregoing your chance of increasing engagement.

Choose a complementary background, colors, fonts, and typeface to improve the overall texture. You can also adjust both brightness and contrast so that any text would appear easier to read.

7. Choose the Perfect Typography 

Typography helps set the mood, tone, and ambiance of both the design and the message you want the audience to see.  An easy rule to follow is to not have too many different fonts in your design. Limit it up to three and make sure that they seamlessly go with the rest of the design aesthetics.

There are fonts that are related to different industries. It would be great to look into this aspect in order to add a level of familiarity and confidence to the audience.

8. Turn On the Contrast

Crank up the contrasts to make the design “pop”.

It is the easiest way to separate or highlight design elements. You can use contrasting colors, shapes, or sizes. The idea here is to subtly draw attention to certain parts of the design or text where you want the audience to focus. Be careful, though, because too much or too little contrast may create a too flat or too cluttered design.

9. Be Consistent

Establish and strengthen your brand image by being consistent with your design elements. Use them repetitively across your social media posts to maintain consistency. The audience will find it easier to make brand associations if they are able to recognize your distinct graphic design style

10. Keep innovating

Everything in the world changes, including social media graphic trends. It wouldn’t hurt to keep up by studying the market, recognizing user behaviors, and researching the latest trends.

You can try looking up the big players in the industry and see how they are able to keep their audience anticipating their campaigns. Take note of their styling, where they lack, and where you can improve. Innovate from there and be inspired to create your own design that will definitely be appreciated by the audience.

With regards to innovating your designs, you can use modern tools, like text to image API integration in your app or software. This would make it easier to have the best graphics that will match your style, aesthetics, goals, and niche.

It’s your time to shine!

It is always great to be armed with the best graphic design tips when creating social media graphics. It can be challenging to produce share-worthy content in social media but it is totally doable. Nothing will taste sweeter than being successful in earning your audience’s approval. So be awe-inspiring in your next design and always strive to offer exhilarating design concepts that match your brand and the audience’s personality.