10 Efficient Tips to Survive Exam Stress

Sometimes a little stress can be good! It can be your only motivational push to get things done. Though, sometimes exam stress becomes too challenging to deal with. Research shows that the number of college students seeking help for studies-related mental health issues is increasing.

It’s very clear that the students are under more pressure than ever before. Putting that last big push before the bliss of vacation can be mentally and physically draining. So, here to your rescue are ten tips to survive exam stress.

Find alternative ways to get assignments done

College life can be full of assignments, some of which you are not sure whether they are important for your course or not. If you feel that an assignment isn’t going to help you and you are running out of time, you can look for essay writers at the popular writing service and get the assignment done on time. You will get more time to revise different concepts you haven’t understood well during the exam.

Set realistic goals

Regardless of the days remaining, you must revise for the exam, you must set realistic goals. It helps to put everything into perspective. Setting realistic goals involves accepting your situation and working within the realms of what can improve your grades without the risk of burnout. Take a look at your last performance and set targets that you can easily achieve. Setting too high targets is just a waste of time.

Revise with peers

Don’t go it alone! You need to revise with your peers. It will help you understand concepts better and faster than when doing it yourself. The emotional benefits of having your friends around give you a better sense of confidence and autonomy. Whenever you face any challenge, you can pose it to your peers and get helped instantly instead of rushing to the internet to get solutions. 

Seek help with the stress

If you feel things are not working as intended and stress is overwhelming you before the exam, you need to seek help from a peer counselor. You will get great advice that will keep you going and avoid stress. It’s usually very challenging to revise for exams when you are stuck in deep stress. Your learning ability will be impaired.

Get enough sleep

Even if you have a lot of notes and assignments to work on, you need to get enough sleep. The temptation to override is always too hard to overcome when your to-do lists get longer. But you have to remember that there is no better ammo to efficiency than getting adequate rest. Your body requires rest and recharge, and if you are not getting enough sleep, you won’t get all tasks done properly.

Eat well

Eating well will give you the energy to help you cope with long hours of revision. If you are not eating well, you will not have enough energy to help you sit for long while reading for your exams. Ensure that you take enough water and have a high-energy content diet. Also, take food rich in fiber as its digestion takes time, and it will help you stay for long without getting hungry.

Avoid postponing things

Postponing reading certain topics will lead to more stress than ever before. The more you postpone the units you are supposed to study, the more you will likely be stressed in the last few hours before the exam. Being prepared will help you easily tackle all your projects and be more organized.

Visualize yourself passing

Your imaginations are powerful tools that determine the effort you will apply in your studies. When revising for the exam, you have to visualize yourself passing. If you feel your mind with so many negativities, it will be hard for you to succeed in whatever you are doing. Be positive in everything that you do.

Be calm and take a deep breath

During the exam, you must be calm and take a deep breath to ease the tension. When you are tense, your thinking ability is affected. Regardless of what is happening, you have to pace yourself through panic. Panicking during the exam is just normal. If you experience it, take a deep breath and then start tackling the problem at hand.

Celebrate after the exam

Yes, you spend a lot of nights reading, and you deserve to celebrate. Don’t be the kind that will take the question paper and then start comparing what you wrote with what is in your revision books. Remember that you have done so many exams; this is not the first. Take time and acknowledge whatever you have accomplished.


Just remember one thing, as intense as these last few days of college might feel, they will be over within very few days. Just ensure that you take one step at a time and remember the essential things you need for your body to function effectively.

By Bex
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