10 best wordpress slider plugin 2021

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Looking for a good slider for your website? The Right Script is separated for you to choose, the 10 best WordPress Slider Plugin. Our list is composed of assorted Sliders: simple, highly customizable, and responsive. A feature is present in all these plugins, they are the most used in WordPress.

Choosing a slider for your website or blog should be something very well thought out. The slider is the most prominent area on your website. It’s where you’ll showcase your best products and posts, as well as publicize your services and promotions.

So, depending on how you want to capture your visitors’ attention, researching the features and possibilities of each slider is very important. Think about where your slider will be docked, what you want to display, and how you want it displayed.

wordpress slider plugin
WordPress slider plugin

10 Best WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider WP

Do you like 3D slider animations? LayerSlider WP comes with several animation types: slide, fade, 2D and 3D rotation, and scale. It is one of the most up-to-date WordPress slider plugins with the needs of its users. An easy-to-integrate plugin with any HTML code and content.

LayerSlider WP supports video display, multisite technology, and languages. There are 3 types of navigation for you to choose the one you like the most and even more than 10 skins for the slider look.

Slider Revolution

WordPress slider plugin for those who want to customize their slides in a variety of ways. Slider Revolution is not one of the easiest slider plugins to use, but by practicing you can do wonders. It’s not that it’s difficult, but with so many customization options available, things can get tricky.

Slider Revolution is perfect for those who like and need a slider full of animations, where several images and texts are displayed in different ways and with different input times, all on a single slide. This slider plugin is really great – fully responsive, supports videos, and is multi-language.

Hero Slider

Hero Slider offers extensive configuration options, along with the ability to add individual elements, each with its own animation settings. Best of all, this functionality is accessed through the simple drag-and-drop interface in the history of slider builders.

Meta Slider

You need a fast slider without too much “history” – you just want to add the image, set width, height, and transition time. Scriot Certo introduces you to the Meta Slider. In it, you can create as many sliders as you want, each one with its respective settings – dimensions, animations, opacity, transition time, and navigation arrows or bullets.

Meta Slider is widely used for those who need to display several advertising banners in the same area. Easy to create, even easier to add images to slides. This WordPress slider plugin works with shortcodes. Needing to display the slider in the sidebar – through widgets, at the top, in the footer, or on a specific page, just copy and paste the shortcode and your sliders will appear.

WOW Slider

A functional slider with a simple design. WOW, Slider is a WordPress slider plugin with effects, fancy templates, responsive design, and assorted navigation icons.

With WOW Slider you can display a slider with the behavior of a photo gallery inside any post or page.

Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider is a slider plugin where the focus is on text content. A WordPress slider plugin is also responsive, you can choose where you want to display the text and the image – in the center, on the right, or the left.

It’s a simple plugin to configure and easy to display its contents. Smooth Slider is very suitable for news-oriented websites or blogs with a lot of content to be displayed.

Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Lite is a WordPress slider plugin that is another great option for anyone looking for custom slides. Even with customization support, the plugin manages to be simple and easy to use.

With this plugin, your website slider can be seen on any device, as it is responsive. Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia to the Soliloquy slider. The slider supports SEO techniques, multisite WordPress, and the possibility to create numerous sliders.

Meteor Slides

Create sliders and display easily using shortcode, widget, or template tag. Meteor Slides is also a plugin with a responsive design. Add images and assign links virtually without doing anything or any additional configuration. It’s also a great option for those who need to display advertising.

Simple Responsive Slider

Simple Responsive Slider is a lightweight, responsive plugin that you can use to add sliders to a website. Choose to crop or resize images, add links and captions to your slides. The idea here is to keep it simple, hence the name of the plugin. For more complete alternatives we recommend using another slider plugin.

SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider

SlideDeck 2 is one of the biggest highlights as a WordPress content slider plugin. Use your shortcodes to perform inclusion in page, page, and post templates. There are several formats for displaying sliders.

In addition to displaying text content, you can display images and videos from a variety of sources. You can set up auto-update through Flickr, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Analyze your site’s need and style, then go test all the Plugins we’ve listed here. The 10 WordPress slider plugin we have indicated are of excellent quality. We believe that at least one of all options will serve your website/blog wonderfully.

However, most likely you will be in doubt for some, so take the time to test and feel in practice what best suits your style.


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