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5 Physical Exercise to do without leaving Home

With the sudden change in our daily lives, we end up adopting

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3 Great Individual Sports for Men’s Health

Taking care of health has become a common habit these days. An important

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Top Reasons Why People Are Obsessed with Online Betting

Betting has a strong history, one that dates back thousands of years.

5 Min Read
The Different Types of Popular Casino Games

There are all sorts of casino games out there for players to

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Control Stations: A Small Yet Vital Part of The Electrical System

In numerous industries, including the production of food and drink,

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Is Using an Email Management Program Worth It?

Are you asking, “Is an email management program worth the

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Top 20 Data Science Blogs and Websites for Data Scientists

Data Science is a domain that is consistently evolving with

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The Variety of Online Payment Methods Around the World and their Use

Certain countries have developed native payment methods that leave international

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How to Tell a Quality Rug From a Cheap One

There are a few things to consider when buying a rug. One of the most important things is the knots. They should be firm and fast. Also, the colors should be consistent from knot to knot. A damp white cloth

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War lat­est up­dates:The nuclear nightmare that almost took out the East Coast

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Crypto dystopia: bitcoin archives the most dantesque bull run ever in 2035

Crypto dystopia, What will our world be like in 2035?

8 Min Read
Buy cryptocurrency: How to buy cryptocurrency safely?

Introduction Buy cryptocurrency; By their creative character, cryptocurrencies draw investors

11 Min Read
Cryptocurrencies: 7 golden rules of cryptocurrencies

Introduction This new asset class is both intriguing and thrilling.

11 Min Read
Bitcoin and Blockchain: what is the principle and operation?

Introduction Bitcoin and Blockchain, As with everything we have written

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Which of the following is not an optical disc format?

Which of the following is NOT an optical disk used in computer system? Blu-ray disc Magnetic tape DVD CD Option

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What is tamil new year called

What is Tamil New Year also known as? Vishu Bestu Varas Varusha Pirappu Ugadi Option 3 : Varusha Pirappu

0 Min Read

How many triangles are there in the following figure

How many triangles are there in the following figure? 6 10 11 12 Option 4 : 12

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The process in which the receiver interprets and tries to make sense of the message is known as:

______________ is the process by which the receiver interprets the symbols used by the source of the message. Listing Listening

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Which of the following is not a protocol used at the application layer.

Which of the following is not an application layer protocol? HTTP IP TELNET FTP Option 2 : IP

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Milk of magnesia ph

What is the pH value of 'Milk of Magnesia'? 1.2 7.4 10.5 14 Option 3 : 10.5

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How many metalloids are there

Total number of metalloids in the Periodic Table is ________. 6 11 5 9 Option 1 : 6

0 Min Read

How many metalloids are there

Total number of metalloids in the Periodic Table is ________. 6 11 5 9 Option 1 : 6

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Air refrigerator depands on

Air refrigerator works on A. Reversed Carnot cycle B. Bell Coleman cycle C. Both (A) and (B) D. None of these Answer: Option C

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Which of the following is a solution of x2 + 2x + 4?

Solutions of the equation x2 + √2x - 4 = 0 √2, 2√2 √2, -2√2 0, 4 0, 0 Option

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Is not part of activities of mis

Information systems that monitor the elementary activities and transactions of the organizations are ________ . A. Management level system B.

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Centroid of a circle

Centroid of circle lies at: the intersection of two diagonals the intersection of three medians the centre None of these

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The three basic components of an atom are

The three basic components of an atom are- Proton, Neutrons & ions Protons, Neutrons & Electrons Protium , Deutrium &

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Manometer is used to measure

A manometer is used to measure Velocity of flow in channel Atmospheric pressure Pressure in pipes None of the above

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Molar mass of sodium carbonate

Calculate the molar mass of sodium carbonate( Na2CO3). 106 107 108 110 Option 1 : 106

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