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An Outdated Webdesign is unreliable

A well designed and Maintained website is a vital part of a modern marketing strategy

We at Brel with a dedicated focus on creating websites that are Responsive, Secure, and Results are Driven.

We utilize the latest technology which in turn guarantees great results for the clients we are associated with.

your website needs to be as individual as your brand. We’ll tailor your digital presence to reflect your brand strategy

Gaining a unique online identity for your business in this ultra-modern digital era is not easy. As professional web developers and website designers, we provide the best web design services to suit our customers’ business requirements. We can help you in achieving the highest positioning and results for your websites – the work that we do will attract you more users and sales.

Important Pointers if you are using our website Design and Maintainence Services

You want a website maintenance that is customised to your specific requirements.

We at BREL will provide you tailor made complex requirements into a professional and easy to manage solutions with WordPress website maintenance which can give you good control and search engine rankings.

All our custom website designs are built from the ground up with your requirements in mind. We take the time to learn about your business, your customers, and specific needs so that your website is not only beautiful but also helpful to grow your business in a meaningful way.

We take utmost care while working on SEO to expose your website in Google search engine and to reach out maximum customers and converting visitors to loyal customers and achieving good profits.

Relax, We will make your life easier with our Web Services

Protection at All Stages
We offer SEO services where we try and make your website rank better for agreed phrases in Google. As your business grows or changes we are on hand when you need us
WordPress control
It is easy for your website to become out-of-date, web design trends change, content and requirements grow organically which can result in a website design that is untidy, difficult to use and out of synch with your brand,and this is when WordPress come handy to mitigate above issues.
Web Design
There can be a big difference between custom designed websites and websites built with off the shelf bought WordPress templates. Designing websites shouldn't be a 'one size fits all' experience. Your business is unique, just like your website.
Conversion optimization
We do have call-to-action (CTA) set on every page of your website and this helps us to track the customers activities on each page and subsequently we can optimize the web-page elements accordingly.
SEO / Online Visibility
We implement proven SEO techniques to position your brand and expose it well on search engines like Google. SEO plays a important role in reaching out to new customers and increasing your client base by agreed phrases in Google by re-indexing.
User experience
Each website is distinct from the others and we work on the customers smooth navigation between icons seamlessly for information. We have built excellent builton chatbot (live)and contact form for any queries ,where one can reach out to you in a jiffy!!
Website Speed ​​/ Performance
A number of speed and performance tests are performed before the Website goes live. We design and develop webpages for Fast loading pages less than 3 seconds ,your pageviews, and help with your WordPress SEO too.
Website Security
Start from the design and development stage we meticulously plan on the security measures to be implemented, because these days cyber attacks are common and we always one step ahead of them.

Cost of Website Maintenance Services

Get the most from website maintenance plans & pricing


The easy, safe way to manage online spending for your busines
$39 /m
  • Monthly Backup
  • 24/7 Unlimited Support
  • Website Core Update


Make your website profitable!
$280 /m
  • Corporate identity
  • Conversion optimization
  • Design & Improvements
  • Mobile Friendly


The easy, safe way to manage online spending at work
$149 /m
  • Speed Optimization
  • Extra Layer Security
  • Data Base Clean Up
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It is easy for your website to become out-of-date, web design trends change, content and requirements grow organically and makes website design untidy,and this in turn makes visitors hard to use and eventually your website receives no visitors,so  no leads and ultimately no revenue.

A website will require long-term website maintenance and you would be wise to factor in a website maintenance plan into your annual operating budget.

We offer packages from $39 per month for small websites to International e-commerce platforms. Please check out our rates and options here.

We have two contract periods; monthly and annually.

Monthly contract:You choose monthly, you can cancel it with a prior notice.

Annual contract-You can cancel our services after 11 months with 1 month  notice period .

If your website has been hacked, we can help you out with a one-time service. No subscription is required for this. In most cases, we will resolve the issue within 24 hours.

We provide fast and secure hosting for all WordPress websites, supplied with a free SSL certificate.

We have dedicated team to work on your website Design and maintenance services in our office premise and we never outsource.

We offer three maintenance packages from $39 per month to $280 per month.

We have different Packages- for bloggers, local entrepreneurs,Domestic retail E-commerce, International e-commerce platforms and we cater across all the industries.Please check out our different Packages here

We are available  24/7, and hence  you can reach us either by mail or mobile.

We can help you with all aspects of WordPress: Design,Maintenance, Security and Optimization. Please feel free to contact us if you need any clarifications whatsoever.

we are super fast, we process it within one business day. In some cases within 2 working days. You can reach us through mail or you can also contact over the mobile just in case to expedite the process.