Why a new website should be responsive today?

Responsive Website & design is key

Web design has changed a lot in recent years.

This is reflected not only in changing styles and cms systems but also in responsive design.
Today no less than 50% of the visitors of brel are already mobile visitors, via mobile phone or tablet.
And this is certainly no different for other sectors and websites …

Yet few companies make optimal use of this.
Many websites are therefore clumsy or completely useless on different devices. This is also an important point
for SEO, as Google indicates that responsive design is a ranking factor.

For that reason, we have highlighted a number of points why a new website should be responsive today.


More and more internet is going through mobile devices

In the past, a website was actually very static, we highly recommend having a responsive website and design

Everyone who visited him sat at a desktop or laptop computer, logged in via a dial-up connection, and viewed the website via a monitor of universal size.
However, those days have long since flown and computers have in many cases made way for tablets and of course smartphones.
These types of devices are essentially very different from the classic desktop or even the laptop.
They are especially much smaller, something that you also see in the screen size.
Unfortunately, you still see that many websites do not handle this well.

Without a responsive design, you have the problem that a website, for example, does not adapt to the screen size.
As a result, only half of the width is visible, the menu is illegible and the overview is hard to find.

Visitors to these types of sites are therefore often forced to look for alternatives.
Research has shown that the so-called user retention (how long visitors stay on a website) is up to 90% lower on websites without a responsive design compared to websites that do.

This not only affects the number of direct visitors, as stated, it also reduces the position in Google’s search results.

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Websites must be easy to operate on all devices

In the past, if you were referred to a website, the text would contain, for example, a blue link or another reference.

That worked fine when we operated the computers with mice, but because people nowadays increasingly use the touchscreen, it is important that websites respond to this.
A responsive design of a website takes this into account by using, for example, call-to-action buttons.

Thanks to a smart design, it ensures that a website is not only easy to read, navigating the website is also easy to do on all devices.



Today, having a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option at all.
It is a necessity if you really want to experience online growth.

If your website is currently not suitable for mobile devices, all online marketing investments will be completely lost.
The future is mobile, as most people will increasingly prefer their mobile devices to desktop computers.

A responsive website is therefore only a small price that a company pays to reach all these people and potential customers.

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