The 10 most hardest visas to acquire in the world

Hardest visas to acquire in the world Is there a strong urge to travel? Discover the ten nations where obtaining a visa will be difficult!
With the progressive reopening of borders, visitors all across the globe are looking forward to their next trip overseas. However, before departing, it is often required to complete some administrative processes. This is the situation on the opposite side of the Atlantic, where the ESTA application for the United States is required in order to enter American territory.

These procedures are also anticipated in Canada, its North American neighbour, as well as in Cuba and, on the opposite side of the world, Oceania. If you want to visit New Zealand or Australia, you will need to apply for a visa or make an eTA request to Canada.

However, some nations do not readily provide this valuable sesame… Discover these nations that are so tough to visit thanks to this list of the top ten most difficult visas to get in the world.

In Asia

Hardest visas to acquire in the world When you wish to go overseas, you must usually apply for a visa, AVE, or ESTA. This criterion mostly applies to African and Asian nations.

Indeed, in order to enter Vietnam, Cambodia, or Sri Lanka on the Asian continent, a visa must be obtained. This visa application is necessary in India, Burma, and Oman as well!

If this work turns out to be a formality for the latter, it is not the case for everyone! Let’s look at the most challenging visas to get in Asia.

1. North Korea

It is unsurprising that North Korea ranks #1 among the nations where obtaining a visa is the most hardest. Indeed, unlike its South Korean neighbour, the nation seldom welcomes foreign visitors!

Naturally, many interested visitors like to come in order to learn more about the nation. If this is the case, the easiest route to enter the country is via Beijing, where obtaining a North Korean visa is “easier.”

2. China

You may be shocked to discover how tough it is to secure a visa for China. The nation, on the other hand, is notorious for having a tight and extremely convoluted visa regime.

You must thus be patient if you wish to acquire the valuable sesame. To set the chances in your favour, we recommend that you apply for a visa to China at least two months before your travel date and learn about the necessary papers… Failure to do so may result in the loss of your visa!

3. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the world’s greenest and most natural nations. Indeed, this little Asian nation sandwiched between India and China is the only country in the world with a zero carbon footprint!

Because you have made sustainable development a major priority, you will not be shocked to find that obtaining a visa for Bhutan is tough. Requests must be made only via travel companies recognised by Bhutanese Tourism in order to restrict the number of visitors in the area.

As a result, the only option to acquire a visa for Bhutan is to purchase a comprehensive package with these firms; an independent stay in this region is not feasible. On the financial front, the package with the agencies costs roughly €200 per person each day.

4. Saudi Arabia

Since 2019, Saudi Arabia has issued tourist visas to people of 49 countries, including France (before that date, it was the only country in the world not to issue tourist visas). Nonetheless, obtaining a visa for this nation is not always simple! It is common for French visitors to be refused entry into the country.

To prevent this, it is best to apply for a Saudi visa many months before travel. You should also be aware that if you have already visited Israel, the Saudi authorities will not give you a visa and will deny you admission into the country.

5. Pakistan

Pakistani visas have always been among the most hardest to get for foreigners. When you are a tourist, it is very hard to manage your own stay in Pakistan.

If you still wish to visit this region, you must go via a Pakistani-approved travel operator. This is the most effective way of acquiring a visa for Pakistan.

6. Turkmenistan

All foreigners planning to visit Turkmenistan must apply for a visa ahead of time. This is a lengthy and difficult process since a letter of invitation (from a travel agency, private persons, or corporations) is required to carry out this request.

Without this letter of invitation, you would not be able to get a visa. However, this letter does not ensure that you will get the valuable visa, since Turkmen officials often refuse admission to their land!

In Europe

Hardest visas to acquire in the world When you are a European Union national, it is now relatively simple to travel around Europe. Indeed, in most Old Continent nations, you will simply need to provide a valid identification card or passport to enter the country of your choosing. This guideline, however, is not followed by all nations on the continent.

7. Russia

Russia, for example, is quite stringent when it comes to visas. Even if you have one of the most powerful passports on the globe, it is impossible to walk on Russian territory without your treasured sesame!

This explains why the Russian visa has traditionally been one of the most hardest to get in the world! To submit this request, for example, you will need to send an invitation from a friend who lives in Russia or a ” voucher ” (a kind of travel ticket) from a hotel in Russia.

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In Africa

Hardest visas to acquire in the world When it comes to visas, Africa is one of the most stringent continents. However, it is also the one with the most discrepancy. You may quickly get a visa for Egypt, Kenya, or Tanzania by using specialist organisations such as As you can see, the effort will be more difficult for other African nations…

8. Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation with a lot to offer visitors, if they can get there. Indeed, obtaining a visa to Nigeria is one of the most difficult tasks in the world!

To visit this spectacular area, you will need a letter of invitation, a round-trip airline ticket, and a financial guarantee for the monies you have available for your stay.

9. Sudan

Sudan visas are also among the most hardest to get in the world! This document must be received before to leaving the embassy or consulate. Visas are not issued on the spot by the authorities.

Because the time necessary to receive it is substantially longer than typical, we recommend that you apply for this visa at least two months before your departure date.

In addition, if your passport carries an Israeli stamp, the Sudanese authorities will not give you a visa and will reject you admission into the country.

10. Eritrea

Eritrea completes our list of the world’s most toughest visas to get. This nation in northeastern Africa, situated on the Red Sea’s coast, often denies visitors entrance to its borders.

Political conflicts with its border neighbours are to blame. As a result, your visa application for Eritrea will most likely be denied without you understanding why. If your visa is granted, keep in mind that you will require a “Go Permit” to travel more than 20 kilometres from Asmara.

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