CBD Oil : How Do You Know If Yours Is Really Working?

CBD Oil - How Do You Know If Yours Is Really Working?

How not to love CBD oil? Cannabidiol oil has many benefits and has recently become the wellness supplement of the moment. Found in hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant that is low in THC, it has no hallucinogenic effects and, in the right dose, can be a great way to control various diseases.

However, in an industry with little regulation, it is common to find products that do not deliver what the consumer expects. A study by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis claimed that in the UK over 60% of products did not have the amount of CBD advertised. So, it’s worth asking yourself: How do you know if your oil is really working?

For that, focus on a few things before buying yours:

What’s in that CDB oil?

Check the label! Just like you do when figuring out the formula for your skincare or hair care products, CBD oil calls for the same kind of attention. Make sure it has a Certificate of Analysis (COA), made by a third-party lab.

Know the difference between full-spectrum and CBD isolates

This universe may seem very new to you, but don’t worry. Just understand that when buying your CBD oil, you can find it in three options: CBD isolates, full-spectrum hemp oil, and broad-spectrum hemp oil. The correct thing is to look for the last two options because that means the whole plant has been used, which works best. However, it makes the product more expensive – which is why companies often use CBD isolates in their oils.

check the amount

Always look for products that show the amount of CBD in milligrams – after all, what good is a percentage without seeing the amount? Many brands use an amount between 300 – 2,000ml for 30 or 40ml bottles.

choose good CBD oil brands

Do a lot of research before charging for your CBD oil because there are several factors that impact the functioning of the product and, precisely because of this and the lack of regulation, there are several companies that offer unsatisfactory options in the market. Know the brands that have certificates and a good reputation.

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