9 Plugins to Highlight your articles

plugin to highlight articles

Do you want to find the best WordPress plugins to showcase your articles?

Recently, users have asked us to provide them with tools that will help them increase the read rate of their articles. Fortunately for them, WordPress has a multitude of plugins in the field.

In this article, we will therefore offer you the 9 best premium WordPress plugins that will allow you to highlight the articles on your WordPress blog.

plugin to highlight articles

1. All-Around

All Around is a premium WordPress plugin, as the name suggests well rounded. It offers you a clean and responsive design, several predefined styling options, and touch support. This WordPress slider is a perfect all-in-one multipurpose solution for any website.

If this is your first WordPress plugin and slider plugin, it could also be the last you need.

Its features are a fully responsive layout, 6 predefined styles, video support, vertical or horizontal scrolling, support for multiple sliders on a single page, and more.

2. Multiple Featured Images for Visual Composer

This is a 4 in 1 pack of Ultimate Post Thumbnails, the WordPress plugin designed for managing multiple thumbnails. Installing this add-on will integrate Ultimate Post Thumbnail with Visual Composer, add support for multiple featured images, and much more.

Four add-ons are included in this pack:

  • “Custom Post Type”: which allows you to generate several featured images or thumbnails
  • “Visual Composer Integration”: This manages the grid elements of Visual Composer (article grid, publication grid) and supports thumbnails of several publications.
  • “Custom Link”: This allows you to control the link of a thumbnail, to associate a thumbnail with any page inside or outside your website.

3. 8Degree Fly Menu

8Degree Fly Menu is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add a canvas menu to your website, to give it a look that simply highlights your information. It uses the default WordPress menu function to create its menus.

So you will be able to add additional items to the default menu items, such as icons, menu slogans, a pseudo-grouping header, and a long description.

It also comes with a WYSIWYG editor to help you enter your long description in a user-friendly way. With this editor, you can also use shortcodes.

4. Slider Pro

Slider Pro is one of CodeCanyon’s top three sellers. It provides a clean and intuitive user interface in the administration area and a smooth browsing experience for users and visitors.

This premium WordPress plugin avoids unnecessary fantasies, which are often a hindrance for users who are looking for the information they need. In addition, it focuses on simplicity and performance, while offering a wide range of customization possibilities.

Its management of URLs on the browser’s search bar is one of the features that marked us on the latter. As the name suggests, this is the professional solution you need.

Its features are optimized loading of images, easy customization, smooth animations, multiple layouts, and more.

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5. Ely

Ely is a premium WordPress gallery-building plugin. This is one of the best options on TemplateMonster that is compatible with the Gutenberg editor. It offers several main gallery styles (slideshows and thumbnail galleries), all of which come with a wide array of options to control the size, style, transitions, lightbox effects, and more.

With this premium WordPress plugin, you will be successful in creating albums from different galleries, which is useful if you need to display a lot of different images. You will be able to create slideshow galleries, as well as many other types of galleries.

6. Smart Post Lists Widget for WordPress

This premium plugin allows you to design article lists in widgets on your WordPress blog.

You can drag and drop widgets into as many sidebars or widget areas as you want, and design as many lists as you want. It helps you easily create any kind of list.

It also offers as functionalities: unlimited publication lists; the choice of categories, labels, authors; prise in charge of the types of custom taxonomies and publications; the d list eliminator; support for multiple Widgets, etc.

7. Tiva Team Slider

Tiva Team Slider is a premium WordPress plugin that will help you manage and display your team members in a beautiful carousel. It comes with many models, which will be easy and intuitive to use.

Its features include the user-friendly display of your team members, easy insertion into your website, 8 layout templates to choose from, many customization options, a fully responsive layout, etc. …

8. Advanced Posts Grid

Advanced Posts Grid is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display posts through a widget or shortcode. It has a wide variety of types of publications and provisions.

It will allow you to display similar articles by authors, categories, keywords, and dates and display articles using pagination, load on demand, or date range. Just provide the start and end dates.

In addition, you will have the possibility of having fully responsive grids, support for widgets, compatibility with the multisite system, and multilingual, and much more …

9. Follow My Blog Post

“Follow My Blog Post” is a premium WordPress plugin that allows your users to follow changes regarding a particular post/page on your WordPress blog.

It offers as functionalities: the possibility of sending a confirmation email for certain actions: “Subscription” and “Unsubscription”, followed articles displayed with the number of visitors for each of them, shortcodes to add the following buttons in n ‘Any page, article or location: “Follow article” button, “Follow conditions” button, “Follow author” button, etc….


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